What Are The Chances?

If someone told me at the beginning of this season that the Steelers would be 10-0, I’d call them crazy. They’d be right. Yes, the Pittsburgh Steelers are 10-0 and are only six games away from being the second team in NFL history to go 16-0. Who’s the first team who went 16-0? That would be the 2007 New England Patriots. If you’re a fan of NFL history, now is the time to get excited. Why? The Steelers schedule, is very easy after their game this Thursday.

Thanksgiving Night

Yes, the Steelers are playing this year on Thanksgiving Night. After a day of what most likely will be mediocre football, Thursday Night Football presents a blood bath. Pittsburgh and Baltimore meet for the second time this season. Without going into too much detail, this game won’t be their hardest game remaining on their schedule. The Ravens have suffered back to back heartbreaking losses while Pittsburgh is yet to lose. The last time these two teams met, it came down to the wire and Pittsburgh barely escaped with a 28-24 victory in Baltimore. That’s right, round two is in Pittsburgh so there will be a homefield advantage.

Hardest remaining game

So who has the best chance to beat Pittsburgh? That would be the Buffalo Bills. As we all know, the Bills have been one of the best teams in the NFL this season. They are the assumed champions of the AFC East this season, have a top ten quarterback who can run and launch the ball 60-70 yards down the field, and their defense has been fantastic this season. Sean McDermott turned around that organization and now the Bills are a threat. If Pittsburgh enters this game unbeaten, they need to play their best football to beat this team. The Bills are that good. The Sunday Night Football matchup takes place in Buffalo and it’s in December so it will be cold, very cold. If Pittsburgh manages to beat Buffalo there’s no stopping them.

Everyone else

Other than Baltimore and Buffalo, the Steelers scheudle is very easy. The other four opponetts for Pittsburgh are Washington, Cincinatti, Indianapolis and Cleveland. Now, you might be thinking, Indianapolis might be a tough game. It won’t be. This game is in Pittsburgh, towards the end of December. The Colts are a dome team. Yes, they have a 3-2 record when playing outside, but, the only good team they played outside (and beat) are the Tennessee Titans. Dome teams are always at a disadvantage playing outside, but in this case, the Colts are playing outside agaisnt the best team in football. As for Cleveland, yes the Browns are good. However, in the earlier matchup between these teams, the Steelers won 38-7. The Browns always struggle agaisnt Pittsburgh. This second matchup is the last game of the regular season, and if Pittsburgh is undefeated going into this, you know they’ll be playing for that 16-0 record.

Can they do it?

We’ll have to wait and see, but the odds are in Pittsburgh’s favor based off of who they have left. There’s a real chance we get to see history made this year. Get excited football fans, the final stretch of the regular season is here!

-Matt Burnett (mattthew_jordan on Twitter) 

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