What Are The Biggest Surprises This NBA Season?

This NBA season is already off to a hot start! Giannis resigned with the Bucks for a super max extension, KD and Kyrie are back to lead Brooklyn, GSW are trying to return to form, and Luka is trying to establish himself as the next face of the league.  There is a lot going on, and it’s just the beginning.  You have to think that with so much going on, what are some of the biggest surprises this year can expect.

Surprise 1: Harden won’t be traded

After thinking about it, I don’t think Harden will be traded.  He wants to go to Brooklyn and form a super team with KD and Kyrie.  But the Rockets are doing the right thing by asking for either KD or Kyrie for Harden.  I think that is the only way this trade gets going.  As for other scenarios, Harden to Philly or Miami.  Morey just spent his entire career with this guy, and didn’t win.  So why would he trade his young 24 year old point guard in Simmons for Harden?  It doesn’t make sense.  As for Miami, Pat Riley is not willing to give up Herro, even if it is for Harden.  Herro is too young with too much upside to ship out for a guy who you will only have for 3-5 years.  Outside of these three teams, the rest of the league can’t really put together a good enough package for the former MVP.

Surprise 2: Kevin Durant will win MVP

I am speaking it into existence.  Durant is going to come back and be the same dominant force he was before his injury.  He had 18 months to rehab and heal – he’s ready to play.  And I get it that he is coming off the worst injury a basketball player can have, but he’s been cleared, has had 18 months to rest, and is easily the second best player in the league when healthy.  Also, he’s playing with another All-NBA point guard.  With Westbrook he won MVP, with Curry he won two Finals MVPs, and now he has the chance to win both with Kyrie.  Not to mention, I think Brooklyn is going to be the one seed and cruise to the ECF.  All while being lead by the league MVP – Kevin Durant.

Surprise 3: The Phoenix Suns will win a playoff series

The addition of Chris Paul is huge.  He is going into almost the same situation he did a few years ago with OKC.  A young, lacking a veteran presence, team who is looking to take the next step.  Well, Chris Paul is all about taking the next step.  He has improved every team he has been on and what makes you think he won’t do it again?  He is arguably playing with one of the best young guys in the game in Devin Booker, and the Suns have a pretty decent roster.  Mikal Bridges is great, Crowder is a solid role player, and Deandre Ayton is still a beast.  I think Phoenix can be a five seed and beat say a Rockets or Denver team.  Adding Chris Paul makes this team that much better.  But I wouldn’t be surprised if they win a playoff series.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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