Welcome to Episode 25 of The Yellow Card Podcast!

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another episode from the Yellow Card Podcast!

In this weeks’ episode, we reach the 25th episode and we can’t get started without thanking you for the support.

So what did the crew talk about today? Well, let’s get to it now!

What Happened This Week?

It was a loaded week this week in the world of soccer, making it impossible not to recap everything! The boys provide a quick run down on the following:

  • Champions League: The best tournament in Europe is back and the boys follow up with their predictions made the week before!
  • Europa League: A quick recap delivered on what happened this week and what to expect next week as well.
  • A Trip Around Europe: The boys quickly touch upon every major league in Europe as things are getting quite competitive all around.

Where Can I Catch Episode 25?

Don’t worry for a second at all, we got you covered!

You can find our episode posted on twitter, if you don’t follow us yet you can find us on there under @Podcastcard handle. Also be able to find episode 25 on our Spotify and SoundCloud channels under “The Yellow Card Podcast”.

Lastly, you can also just scroll to the bottom of this article where all our links will be posted!

One Last Thing!

If you are currently subscribed to our YouTube Channel, please make sure to roll over your subscription to the Couch Guy Sports Channel as we have made our full transition to that channel for good.

Thank you for tuning to episode 25! See you next week.

~The Yellow Card Podcast (@Podcastcard on Twitter). 

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Diego Galvis

Born in Bogota, Colombia and raised in Boston, MA. Boston-Based DJ VP of Operations at Couch Guy Sports.

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