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Week 5 of College Football Wrapped Up and Your Guide to Week 6 (hint hint Bama could lose)

Well this past week was what I like to call blow out city. A bunch of teams just absolutely destroyed their opponents. Georgia, Ohio State, and Louisville all won by 40 points or more. We did not have any real upsets. Troy beat a bad LSU team but that did not really shock me that much. All in all it was kind of a boring week in college football but that likely won’t happen again. We are in October now which means that we are getting into the heat of conference play. This is the time of year where the big upsets can happen. I’m excited to see who is going to separate themselves in the rankings. Before we jump into week 6 lets just recap a couple games from last week.


Washington State 30 USC 27

Well well well. Washington State must of read my post from last week because I did not think they would win this game. They proved me wrong and just played a great game on both sides of the ball. Remember the guy everyone was predicting to win the heisman? USC’s QB Sam Darnold. Yeah that guy. Who I said was over hyped and not that good. Well guess what? I’m right. He has not played well in the big games. He threw for 164 yards and 1 INT. Real heisman like numbers there. Big win for Washington State and a big loss for USC.


Clemson 31 Virginia Tech 17

Ok yup I’m jumping on the Clemson bandwagon. They passed another test by beating Virginia Tech on the road. Their defense is legit and their offense is good enough. This team is making a real threat to repeat as national champions. This game was really their last big test of the year. They might face some challenges with NC State and Florida State but I expect them to win both of those games and finish the regular season undefeated. I would absolutely love to see them repeat as national champs.

What Games to Watch in Week 6

Nick’s Record of Predictions 5-8


#23 West Virginia @ #8 TCU 3:30pm FS1 10/7

This game could potentially have a big impact on the BIG 12. If West Virginia can pull out the win that would definitely make things a lot more interesting in the BIG 12. The key word in that sentence is if. I expect this game to be closer than people think. Both teams are coming off of a bye so they will be rested and ready to go. After West Virginia lost a heart breaker in the opening week of the season they have put on some offensive showcases since then. Scoring over 50 points in each of the last 3 games they have played. This game may very well turn into a shootout. If it is a shootout then it will be tough to pick a winner. I think I’ll take the safe bet and go with TCU on this one but I wouldn’t be surprised if West Virginia can pull it out. TCU 49 West Virginia 35


#1 Alabama @ Texas A&M 7:15pm ESPN 10/7

Welp. Here it is. I’m not going to give you a totally biased speech on A&M which will probably surprise you but what I will do is explain to you what I think will happen. Yes, Alabama is the top team in the country. Yes, they have the best coach in college football history. Yes, they will probably win this game, but let me tell you why they may not win this game. Every year there is a game in college football where a ranked team goes on the road to a hostile environment and for some magical reason they lose. Everyone is picking Alabama as they should. Everyone picked the Yankees in ’04 when the Sox were down 3-0. I’m just saying there is a chance for A&M. A&M currently leads the SEC in sacks with 20 so far on the year. They have consistently gotten better on offense each week. We’ll be at home with 110,000 people going nuts to start the game. A&M is also 2nd in total offense in the SEC behind Alabama. I’m just saying there is a chance. If Kevin Sumlin wants to save his job then this is the game. A&M will win this game by running the ball. If they can run the ball consistently then they may be able to hang out. If A&M gets out to a quick score and takes a 7-0 lead then watch out because the environment at Kyle Field will become a problem for Alabama. With all that said I am going to join the majority and take Alabama in this one but if they lose you guys will be in for a treat next week. Alabama 42 Texas A&M 28

Written By: Nick Katinas (@nkatinas22)

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