Week 17 NFL Power Rankings: Playoff Races Get Even More Crowded

New Batch of NFL Power Rankings

Welcome to Week 17 of the NFL Power Rankings! Week 16 brought some big games when it comes to playoff implications, and some did not let us down. From the Bengals squaring off against the Ravens to the Patriots and Bills throwing down in Foxboro, Week 16 did not disappoint!

Now, before we dive into Week 16 make sure you check out last week!!

With that now out of the way, let’s see this week’s NFL Power Rankings!!

32. Jacksonville Jaguars- 2-13 (Last Week- 32)

It has just been a brutal year for Jacksonville and it continued Sunday with a loss to an equally as bad Jets team that was missing some key players due to COVID.

To make matters worse, they lost their best player in James Robinson to a torn Achilles.

They will head to Foxboro Sunday to take on the Patriots.

31. New York Giants 4-11 (Last Week- 28)

I mean, what is there to say. The team tried Jake Fromm only for it to be unsuccessful, then reverting back to Mike Glennon…

It is just UGLY…

They face a struggling Bears team on Sunday

30. Carolina Panthers 5-10 (Last Week – 27)

Just an absolutely disgusting performance by the Panthers against the Buccaneers on Sunday…

They face the Saints next on Sunday

29. Detroit Lions 2-12-1 (Last Week- 29)

Detroit had a chance to win, but with Tim Boyle behind center, it was a tough one to get a win in…

They should have Jared Goff back for Sunday’s game when they travel to Seattle to face the Seahawks.

28. Seattle Seahawks 5-10 (Last Week – 26)

Seattle is enduring their first losing season under the Russell WIlson era.

That continued on Sunday as the team completely collapsed against the Bears in the final two minutes only to lose thanks to a two-point conversion.

They now limp into the final two weeks of the season as they get set to host the Detroit Lions in Week 17.

27. Chicago Bears 5-10 (Last Week- 31)

Chicago has been at the bottom of the NFL Power Rankings all year, it has been up and down for them for sure.

Nick Foles took the starting job Sunday thanks to an injury to Justin Fields and Andy Dalton on the COVID list. Nick Foles proceeded to do what he does best, and make comeback wins happen, as he led Nagy and the Bears to a stunning win over Seattle.

They will look to keep the momentum going as they hope to have Justin Fields back Sunday at Soldier Field against the Giants.

26. New York Jets 4-11 (Last Week- 30)

Missing a bunch of players, and playing in what was deemed the “Trash Bowl” the Jets squeaked out a victory over their equally as bad counterpart, Jacksonville Jaguars.

They look to keep that momentum as they get set to host the Tampa Bay Bucs on Sunday.

25. Denver Broncos 7-8 (Last Week – 23)

The issue with the Broncos is they do not have a QB who can carry this team when it is needed. Drew Lock tried to be that guy on Sunday and was wildly unsuccessful against the Raiders.

Whether or not they get Bridgewater back in Week 17 is still in the air, but the Broncos have a big QB question heading into the offseason.

They will be in the division again Sunday, as they head to LA to face the Chargers.

24. New Orleans Saints 7-8 (Last Week- 21)

Let’s be honest, the minute we heard Ian Book was starting we all knew there was no chance for the Saints to win.

The kid did what he could to keep them in the game, but as soon a the pick-six happened, it was over before it started

The team hopes to get back Taysom Hill on Sunday for their game with the Panthers.

23. Houston Texans 4-11 (Last Week- 25)

The biggest shock of the NFL in Week 16 was the Texans hanging 41 on the Chargers and shocking them.

Davis Mills once again looked good and proved that he deserves a look next season as the starter.

They head to California next to take on the 49ers.

22. Atlanta Falcons 7-8 (Last Week- 24)

Credit where it is due, the Falcons are going out kicking and screaming until the last possible second. They were able to hold off a last-minute burst from the Lions on Sunday to hold up their chances at a playoff spot.

They have a tough test on Sunday as they head to the Ralph to face a stout Bills team.

21. Washington Football Team 6-9 (Last Week -19)

Just… EW…

Washington takes on Philly in Week 16.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers 7-7-1 (Last Week – 20)

Also… Just… EW…

Steeler will take on a struggling Browns team on Monday Night Football.

19. Minnesota Vikings 7-8 (Last Week- 18)

The roller coaster of a season continues for the Minnesota Vikings, and the roller coaster of their journey in the NFL Power Rankings continues as well.

This week they fell to the LA Rams in a rough game that they could not overcome at all.

They will look to bounce back on Sunday Night Football when they face the Green Bay Packers.

18. Cleveland Browns 7-8 (Last Week – 17)

Baker Mayfield returned to action on Christmas Day only to be gifted with 4 lumps of coal in the form of interceptions.

For some weird reason, the Browns decided to go away from what was a very successful run game with Nick Chubb only to allow Mayfield to throw it and be picked off on the potential game-winning drive.

They are still alive in the playoffs, but hopes are diminishing fast. They head into Week 17 in hopes of a win on Monday Night Football against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

17. Las Vegas Raiders 8-7 (Last Week – 22)

Que Stayin Alive by the Bee Gees.

That is exactly what the Raiders are doing currently, and it is working to perfection. Sitting at 8-7 going into Week 17 and still in the thick of the playoff hunt.

They face a tough test Sunday as they head to Lucas Oil to take on the Colts.

16. Baltimore Ravens 8-7 (Last Week- 13)

I will cut the offense some slack since they had neither Jackson nor Huntley. Josh Johnson did what he could, but the defense for Baltimore was absolutely torched by Burrow and the Bengals.

They hope to have either one or both QB’s back in Week 17 as they get set to host the LA Rams.

15. San Francisco 49ers 8-7 (Last Week – 10)

The 49ers take a big tumble in the NFL Power Rankings this week after an ugly loss to the Titans on the final Thursday Night Football game of the season.

The loss included a torn ligament in the throwing hand of QB, Jimmy G.

They look to get back on track on Sunday against what has been a tough Texans team.

14. Philadelphia Eagles 8-7 (Last Week- 16)

The Eagles are flying high right now as they kept their playoff hopes alive with a beat down of the Giants on Sunday.

The team has been one of the more pleasant surprises in the NFL Power Rankings as Jalen Hurts has really established himself as a starting QB and is taking that next step as they make a push to the playoffs.

They head to the capital of the nation Sunday to take on the Football Team.

13. Los Angeles Chargers 8-7 (Last Week – 9)

No Ekeler, Bosa, or Mike Williams in Week 16 reared its ugly head for the Chargers, as they were upended by the Texans who put up 41 points.

They head to face the Broncos on Sunday in what is now a massive matchup for LA when it comes to playoff implications.

12. Tennessee Titans 10-5 (Last Week – 14)

AJ Brown returned for the Titans Sunday and ran all over the 49ers, the team is now one step closer to clinching the AFC South.

They will look to do so as they get set to host the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

11. Miami Dolphins 8-7 (Last Week – 15)

In one of the biggest moves this week in the NFL Power Rankings.

Miami is on an absolute heater as they have now won seven in a row after losing seven in a row.

The miraculous turnaround now has the Dolphins in a playoff spot and one game out of the AFC East. They look to keep that playoff spot alive when they face the Titans on Sunday afternoon.

10. Cincinnati Bengals 9-6 (Last Week – 12)

Joe Burrow put on an absolute clinic on Sunday throwing 4 TDs and over 500 yards against a depleted Ravens secondary.

The win now places them firmly in first in the AFC North as they head into a pivotal Week 17 matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs.

9. Arizona Cardinals 10-5 (Last Week – 6)

I could have dropped them further in the NFL Power Rankings, but I decided to hold off.

Arizona is in desperation mode right now as they have now lost three straight games and have lost hold of the NFC West in which they led almost all season.

They need to turn it around and fast after an ugly loss to the Colts. If not, they could be on the verge of missing out on the playoffs after a historic start.

They head to Dallas on Sunday to take on the Cowboys.

8. New England Patriots 9-6 (Last Week- 7)

New England fell flat on their faces Sunday afternoon in a big division showdown with Buffalo.

It was not pretty at all as the Patriots lost their grip on the AFC East and now sit in 6th place in the AFC Wild Card.

They look to bounce back Sunday when they host a bad Jacksonville team.

7. Indianapolis Colts 9-6 (Last Week- 11)

Indy is on a tear right now and is looking at a prime spot in the Wild Card round of the playoffs. At this point, teams should be scared to face the Colts.

They will host the Raiders in Week 17 on Sunday afternoon.

 6. Buffalo Bills 9-6 (Last Week – 8)

Buffalo got a big win on Sunday against the rival Patriots to reclaim the AFC East spot.

They cannot afford any hiccups from here on out if they want to hold on to that crown.

They now look to keep it going into Week 17 when they host the Atlanta Falcons.

5.  Dallas Cowboys 11-4 (Last Week – 5)

Dallas shellacked the Football Team 56-14 on Sunday Night Football in absolute domination of a performance.

The team looked in top form on both sides of the ball Sunday in a very encouraging scene.

They look to continue that as they face Arizona on Sunday.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 11-4 (Last Week – 3)

Tampa Bay is now down their two top receivers and their top RB. It helps when you have a forme top wideout in Antonio Brown though as the veteran carved up the Panther’s defense Sunday in the form of targets.

The newly crowned NFC South champs head into Week 17 with a matchup against the New York Jets.

3. Los Angeles Rams 11-4 (Last Week – 2)

The Rams are now first in the NFC West as they handled the Vikings on Sunday the day after the Cardinals lost to the Colts.

They now look to keep that lead as they head to Baltimore in Week 17 to take on the Ravens.

2. Kansas City Chiefs 11-4 (Last Week – 4)

Kansas City takes their spot at number 2 in the NFL Power Rankings as they once again dominated while rolling over the Steelers this past Sunday.

The team is getting hot at the right time, now they head to Cincy to take on a red-hot Bengals team in what should be an exciting matchup.

1. Green Bay Packers 12-3 (Last Week – 1)

Packers dominated once again as they stay at the top spot in the NFL Power Rankings as Rodgers and Co. are eyeing that number 1 spot in the NFC so a Super Bowl berth will go through Lambeau.

Wrapping up the Week 16 NFL Power Rankings

The NFL as a whole is still a wide-open race, and as we come down the home stretch, and wins are going to be more crucial than ever.

With only 2 games left in the regular season, there is no room for mistakes as teams try to make one final bid for either their division or a Wild Card spot.

Buckle up, because things are about to get wild!

Photo Courtesy of NBC Sports

-Jeff Hoak (@jeffhoak1)

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