Week 1- Do Not Overreact

Week one has come and gone for the most part with just two games remaining this evening. I recommend we all pump the brakes on the mainstream media narrative when it comes to overreacting to what we saw yesterday.

Pats Dolphins

Cam Newton looked healthy. Exactly what Patriot nation hoped for during these long off season months since he was signed. However, I am not buying in just yet. Remember it was a home opener against the poor Miami Dolphins. Not every opposing quarterback is going to throw three interceptions. The Patriots have a real test this Sunday night in Seattle. Let us wait and see how effective Cam can be when Bobby Wagner and Jamal Adams are coming downhill at him play after play. The passing game needs a lot of work. Nevertheless, the post Brady era is off to a great start with a W. But, a lot more has to come from this Patriots team before they have a playoff chance. If Newton is able to develop some outside chemistry with Harry and Edelman this team can contest for the division with Buffalo. The Jets and Miami remain bottom five teams in the league.

Saints Bucs

After a vintage Brady drive to start the game capped by a 2 yard QB sneak Touchdown, nothing seemed to work well for the Buccaneers. The Saints are one of the best teams in the league each and every year. The most difficult test the Bucs could have faced to start the year. Timing needs work on the Bucs offense as no preseason games and repetitions against live defenses really came to life after Brady’s pick six in the 3rd quarter. The Bucs get to face off with the Panthers next week and get into the win column at 1-1. I expect this team to start to peak in October once a handful of live games are under their belt.

-Fred O’Brien (@FOBSportsNFL)

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