We Need A Plan

Over the last couple of weeks we have seen our beloved New England Patriots struggle and we continue to see them get stuck at a crossroad. They are 3-5 and have gotten ok play from Cam Newton, but with the injury problems on offense and the lack of success when it comes to drafting is finally starting to catch up. Their secondary has been good without Gilmore, as they are average and are thin in their front 7 and Belichick does not trust rookies. It feels like bad decisions were made and the price of going all in has caught them in a scenario that we haven’t seen them in for a long time now. Realistically speaking, the Patriots are probably going to miss the playoffs. Could they get hot the next few weeks sure, but it looks more so that they will be mediocre and finish 6-10. That’s just the situation that we are in. Given from what I’ve seen online and listened to when we had Alex Barth from 98. 5 on episode 92 on Legends Lingo. The Patriots are going to spend and be very active this offseason on offense and defense. 


Here is list of free agent receivers and list of free agents in front 7. 





Please on twitter (@tsf52) shoot me a tweet and tell me who you want the patriots want to get. Let’s interact folks!


I will say this I’ve been chirped at by people saying QB isn’t really a priority right now because you need weapons first.  Building a good roster is great and all, but it means nothing if you can’t find an answer or to have a plan at QB. Look Tom Brady isn’t walking through that door again. You are never going to replace a GOAT, but here is the reality if you don’t have an above average QB and good roster you won’t be a playoff contender. Look at Titans, Bills, and Rams for example, they have above average QBs to go along with very good rosters, but they have stuck to a plan at QB and they will probably end up getting over 10 wins this season. Now look at the Colts and Bears, these are very good rosters with huge QB questions as of this season and going forward. Could they make the playoff yeah, but they’re in purgatory right now. 

The 2020 Patriots QB Situation

Cam is on a 1 year deal and there is no guarantee that he could come back. Now I don’t want to hear it’s covid it’s a lost season, the Patriots need to make a plan here moving forward. I also don’t want to hear about Cam not being worried about the money. Look, everyone wants to win, but at the end of the day this is a job and he is going to want some sort of money on his next contract. Even the great Tom Brady wanted to get paid and have years of commitment. If Cam gets that commitment via money and years from another team he is as good as gone. 

Cam Newton – Possible Return to New England in 2021?

Do I want Cam back?… Now I want this on the record and I don’t want people to twist my words so please read this clearly.  If there are no better options available at quarterback, then I am fine sticking with Cam. Here is my thought process, if a better QB is available you can afford to let Cam go. No matter who they get at quarterback they are not rebuilding any time soon.  I could see them keeping Cam and drafting a QB and going that route. They could also let Cam go and draft a quarterback in the first round and ride with him until something happens. No matter what route the Patriots decide to go they need a plan moving forward. Cam is going to have all eyes on him the rest of the season, and his future in this league is going to depend on it. 


Trust me I am open to suggestions, so please let me know who you think the next Pats QBs should be on twitter (@tsf52). Go Pats!

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