Peyton Manning’s Sexual Assault Accuser Speaks Out On Inside Edition

Dr. Jamie Naughright comes out and finally starts feeding us internet monsters more details to her story about Peyton Manning allegedly placing his testicles on her head when examining his foot while he was the 19 year old star quarterback of the University of Tennessee.

The key word here is alleged because I’ll be honest, we will never know the truth about this situation unless one of the two comes forward and admits they are lying. It’s the classic he said she said. Naughright claims Peyton pulled this frankly weird act, and of course, Peyton denies the whole thing.

Manning’s story reads that he was mooning one of his teammates and pulling his pants down for about a second.

I hate these situations. I really, really do. Mostly because I just hate not knowing what the true story is. Frankly, I love the fact that all of these women recently have been stepping forward and exposing some dirt bags for the shady things they’ve done in the past.

And if Manning did pull this stunt on this woman, well then he should be slammed with a fine or something along those lines. I don’t know what you would receive in a situation like this. I’m no Judge Banks. (RIP)

But then there’s the flip side. If she’s lying, well then she’s a horrendous person for attempting to put that dark smear across his name. I’m not saying she is, but none of us know the truth.

Again though, if Peyton did put his balls on this woman’s face, he’s gotta be punished in some fashion.

I also just want to say. IMAGINE if this was Tom Brady. The internet would already be on fire. But because it’s wholesome, charming, southern boy Peyton Manning we aren’t going to lose our minds over the allegations. Nice.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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