Way Too Early NFL TOP 10 Power Rankings

The 2020 Draft has passed and each NFL Team is feeling optimistic on how their Draft went. This time of year is special to every Franchise because they are preparing for another season to set their sites on a Super Bowl Appearance. Whether you went 10-6 in the 2019 season and lost in the Wild Card Round or went 4-12 and got stomped on by your division, its all about this upcoming season. The entire league is currently 0-0 and the future is yet to be determined. Which makes it a perfect time to review what the top of the league should look like to start the season. Below will be a list of where I think teams will stand coming into the season with some honorable mentions for teams that did not make the TOP 10 cut.

TOP 5:

1.) Kansas City Chiefs

The reigning Super Bowl Champs! Now with Clyde Edwards-Helaire, a stud running back out of LSU to add to the arsenal of weapons for Patrick Mahomes. Tyreek the Freak, Kelce, Sammy Watkins, the list goes on and so will the number of career Touchdown Passes for Patrick Mahomes as we roll into the 2020 NFL Season. The Las Vegas favorites to win the Super Bowl again and I would not argue with the wise guys as this team put on one hell of a Postseason performance. The Chiefs start this season with the most upside when it comes to Super Bowl hopes.

2.) Baltimore Ravens

Do not let the ugly outing vs the Tennessee Titans last January fool you. This team will be back and this team will be a force to be reckoned with. Lamar got his first year of starts under his belt with room to improve when it comes to reading defenses. The Baltimore Ravens had one of the strongest drafts of any team just a week ago. Patrick Queen out of LSU to play linebacker. Dobbins from Ohio State to go with a strong 3rd round pick at Wide Receiver with Devin Duvernay out of Texas on the offensive side of the ball.  Expect most of the 2020 regular season to benefit the Ravens and fans should almost certainly expect to see them in the postseason.

3.) San Francisco 49ers

So you are telling me the best defensive line in football just got better? Yes, by selecting the second-best Defensive Tackle in the draft Javon Kinlaw out of South Carolina . Jimmy G just has to show up, manage the games and try not to throw interceptions and they will land right back in the Postseason. I do expect the Seahawks to once again give them a run for their money for the division. George Kittle will continue to build his case to be the best tight end in football as the 49ers slide to an impressive record in 2020.

4.) New Orleans Saints

Most of the story here has been written over and over. Michael Thomas, Alvin Kamara, Cam Jordan, and oh yeah don’t forget about the Hall of Famer Drew Brees. The Saints continue to struggle to reach the championship, but man do they come to play in the regular season. Will this finally be the year the Saints can get back to the Super Bowl? If Brees can beat Brady in the regular season, his team may be able to use that challenge to catapult their playoff run.

5.) Green Bay Packers

What other way to motivate and squeeze every ounce of competitiveness left in Aaron Rodgers than to spend your 1st round pick on a Quarterback. The Packers got embarrassed by the NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers, but they still were able to be a final four team in the NFL which is an honor in itself. No teams in their division improved dramatically from the draft to trump the Pack for the division.


6.) Seattle Seahawks

Two words, RUSSELL WILSON. This young phenom has continued to surpass expectations regardless of the talent around him. He is one of the very few Quarterbacks who you truly cannot bet against in any situation. Personally, I describe his attitude and performance on the field as “magic”. I expect the Hawks to contend with the 49ers for the top spot in the NFC West. Losing the 2016 All Pro Jadeveon Clowney will definitely hurt. But, Bobby Wagner is still calling the plays on the defensive side. Also, look for wide receiver D.K. Metcalf to get his first Pro Bowl appearance.

7.) Buffalo Bills

A win is a win pretty much summed up the 2019 Buffalo Bills. Somehow, someway they were able to put out a 10-6 record and achieve the NFL Playoffs. Josh Allen will continue to grow into the franchise QB and having Stefon Diggs from Minnesota will make the passing game stronger than last years statistics. Sean McDermott deserves some serious credit for changing around this franchise in Buffalo and I will have the Bills as my pick to win the AFC East.

8.) Tennessee Titans

Mike Vrabel is exactly what this franchise needed. A Head Coach that will lead the locker room with a winning mentality. Too often in this day and age players are not connecting with their coaches which leaves the locker room plain and unsuccessful. Vrabel is the type of coach who believes in his players and expects the same respect back. The team camaraderie that was put together last season is why they made it all the way to the AFC Championship after starting the season 2-4. The Titans went into Gillete Stadium and knocked off the New England Patriots in the Wild Card round. I expect their confidence to roll into the 2020 season and win their division. Henry got hit with the franchise tag. So expect more of the same when it comes to him moving the chains early and often for Tennessee, each and every week. Tannehill will have his first full off season under his belt within the system which should really show significant improvement when it comes to the passing attack.

9.) Philadelphia Eagles

Carson Wentz was dealt the worst possible hand in the deck when it came to the health of his Wide Receivers in the 2019 Season. However, the Eagles still won their division and made the playoffs. Since their Super Bowl victory there has been a serious spark within the Philadelphia fan base that makes it an extremely difficult environment for opponents to play in. After grabbing Jalen Reagor (WR) out of TCU in the first round , the Eagles selected Jalen Hurts who I believe can be an immediate asset to the offense in some unique packages.

10.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Would I have had Tampa Bay even scratching the surface as a Top 10 team prior to Free Agency? Not even close. But, signing Tom Brady can change a lot of things very fast for a franchise. Now along comes Rob Gronkowski! At just 29 years of age, he’s feeling fresh off a break from the brutal beating the NFL season will give you. Veteran head coach, young and athletic defense, and a serious group of athletes of the offensive side of the ball, look for Tom Brady to bring the Buccaneers back to the playoffs.

Honorable Mentions:

Dallas Cowboys

Mike McCarthy is the best Head Coach signing this off season. We all know Jason Garrett failed to make crucial in game decisions time after time. With the talent this roster has they should definitely be back in the playoffs with a shot at the Lombardi Trophy.

New England Patriots

Tom Brady is no longer on the roster. But, I refuse to believe Belichick will not try to prove his coaching ability without the star QB. I will not be surprised if the Patriots put out a bare minimum .500 record in their 2020 campaign.

Houston Texans 

I believe in Deshaun Watson and I also believe losing Hopkins will not be that big of a factor. Watt will still be on the defensive side to wreck game plans. This team will still compete for their division.

Minnesota Vikings

Coach Zimmer continues to put out winning records season after season. This man went 13-3 with Case Keenum three seasons ago. They will be right up Green Bay’s behind for the division lead all year long.

-Fred O’Brien (@FOBCGSports)


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