Watching Jimmy Garoppolo Execute A Last Minute Drive On Sunday While Mic’d Up Is Bringing Back The Jimmy G Break Up

Anybody in New England and anyone who paid the smallest amount of attention to Jimmy G during his time in New England could tell one thing. This kid can play.

On Sunday Jimmy had just over a minute to drive down the field and get his team into field goal range to give them the potential opportunity to knock through a game winning kick. And bah God did he deliver.

It was immaculate and so clear who he studied under for these past few years. Right down to his call to snap the ball that sounds identical to Brady.

I love how Jimmy just gets it. He’s on the sideline calling his coach over to run through play calls and such before he gets out onto the field. And then following that he approaches his receivers and gives some advice on how to get open and points out flaws he’s noticing within the defense. The guy’s got a brain made for football and he’s going to be one of those guys that you’ll be excited to go see every Sunday.

He’s not playing like this is his first year being a starter. He’s playing like he’s been there before and it’s heart wrenching. You ever break up with a girl because you knew you just had to? The classic, “This is what we both need to do”. This is that situation. NOBODY wanted to let Jimmy walk. I’ll be honest, because of all of this Alex Guerrero nonsense, I’ve convinced myself that even Bill wanted to hold onto Jimmy and perhaps move on from Brady at the end of the season.

San Francisco better treat this guy right. Because he’s all of New England’s little brother and my God, if you guys do him wrong in anyway Massachusetts WILL wage war on California. And I don’t care how small we are… We’ll win. That is just a fact. We need some more space anyway so we can just conquer the whole state.

God bless Jimmy G. Add him to the list of stud young QBs who are turning up the heat and showing that the NFL does have a load of talent coming through the pipeline.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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