WATCH: Taron Johnson of Weber State Takes a Ball IN THE FACE During The NFL Combine

I normally don’t give a damn about the NFL combine.

I really don’t. I don’t care about the NFL draft either. I’m a Patriots fan. The Pats are at the bottom of the draft every single year anyway and the guy making the moves is Bill Belichick. It’s never anything sexy.

Hell, for the most part the Patriots aren’t ever even in the first round it feels like. They either got caught “cheating” or are framed and lose their first pick or Bill trades down because he doesn’t need excellent talent to win football games like the rest of the peasants in the league.

But if stuff like this becomes a trend in the NFL Combine, count me in. I need rockets off of the face. During this drill we can’t tell them which way the ball’s coming from. It can be thrown by anyone at anytime. You run through a sea of 34 people and someone hucks the ball toward your face. If you’re truly NFL caliber, you catch it. Case closed.

PS: If you don’t read that title in Rob Riggle’s voice from The Hangover you’re uncultured.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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