WATCH: Steph Curry Gets His Shot Rejected Directly Back Into His Face

This is one of those videos that made me do the classic one “HA!” laugh when it happened. Nothing to hysterical here. I’m not leaning down to my side to aid my ribs while they cramp up from laughter. None of that.

Regardless this still was an awesome moment. Steph is a likable guy so I can’t even be excited that this happened to a guy I can’t stand like LeBron or Draymond. Hell, if this were LeBron it would be the shot heard round the world part two. Brony boy would have dropped like a sack of meat while he grabbed his face. You would straight up think this rejection not only kicked the beans out of his pride, but also broke his face. And he then would stand up and be like “Nah, nah I’m good. Bro you thought I was hurt? I’m LeBron James. Now where’s my God damn foul call?”

Because it is Steph who gets his crap rocked though, it does make the video a little bit better only because it never happens.

Steph is too elite though for this to be a common occurrence. So honestly, when Lauri Markkanen’s career is over this NEEDS to be in the highlight reel. I don’t care if he hits 76 game winning threes; This NEEDS to be featured.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

One thought on “WATCH: Steph Curry Gets His Shot Rejected Directly Back Into His Face

  • Hehehe, good chuckle material man.

    I’ve got a lot of respect for Curry and as a result we’re 100% in agreement. Chuckle yes, but not the same rib gripping teary eyed laughter that I would have if it were the likes of Lebron 🙂


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