WATCH: Marshawn Lynch Interrupts Jack Del Rio’s Presser To Make Sure He Can Leave


Come on, it’s no secret that the NFL has a ton of personality with the amount of athletes that it has total. But Marshawn Lynch brings non stop entertainment, even when he was off in Egypt during his short retirement.

Lynch crushes it and I get the sense that he is one of those guys who has no idea he’s being funny. Like this video. He shows up, mid Jack Del Rio presser, and just checks in to make sure he’s good to go.

I mean hey, guy’s just looking to head home. At least he’s looking for some permission, right?

Even aside from funny stuff like this, the guy is entertainment on the field. He’s a human tank, plain and simple. If you stuck a gun on his head and someone to his back, I’d send him into North Korea right now. No question. 100% bullet proof, no doubt in my mind. Add a new button next to the nuke button trump. Make it black with a skull on it. Release the Marshawn, baby.

The man’s just happy to be alive.

But let me tell you this. Lynch being apart of the Raiders offensive arsenal… damn. And with the way the Patriots played this past week, I wouldn’t be shocked if the Raiders come out one or two in the AFC. They’ve got a great attack through the air, and now a nasty ground game. On 18 attempts he barreled through the defense for 76 yards. And this is with some rust after sitting out an entire season and shoveling fistfuls of skittles in his mouth.

The league needs stars. They’re desperate right now. With no young quarterbacks being absolutely lights out, but showing some signs of possibly having breakout seasons, having Lynch’s star power back in the league is exactly what the league needs. A STUD in the backfield who can put asses in the seats and increase jersey sales in a big way.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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