WATCH: Kyrie Irving’s Uncle Drew Movie Looks Pretty Good

I may sound biased towards Kyrie here, but I’m pretty hyped to see his Uncle Drew movie. I used to love the commercials when they were actually a thing, so I’m interested to see which direction they go in with this. There will always be something about a bunch of basketball players dressed up like old dudes and just balling out that will give me a good laugh.

The only real question I have for this, why didn’t they get any current players? Watching Shaq try to act is pure comedy, so I’m here for that, but I’m curious to see what Reggie Miller will be like. Something tells me that he isn’t going to be that great of an actor, even though he was pretty good at it during his playing days. And Nate Robinson? Where the hell did he come from? I feel like that’s such a random person to get for this movie. But outside of the former players, I loved Lil Rel Howery in “Get Out”, so I’m sure he won’t disappoint in this either. And Nick Kroll is also hilarious, so I think he should be good too. Overall, I’m pretty interested in seeing this movie, and I think that most C’s fans should be too strictly because it’s Kyrie.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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