WATCH: Jay Cutler Shows Us That He Still Doesn’t Care

Some things never disappoint you. I’ve never had a bad piece of bacon. Even burnt. I used to be a maniac when it came to trays of burnt bacon when I worked at Wendy’s. That crap was burnt and it was in my mouth in a second. Four trays.

Another one of those things is Jay Cutler. Cutler is a God send when it comes to never giving a crap about what’s going on around him. He should be an idol to all of those cool kids in school who act like they don’t care. Because they’re sick-bros, man. Does he need to be in great cardiovascular shape to be a professional quarterback in the NFL? Absolutely not. Just ask him.

And this is another A+ moment to add to Jay Cutler’s portfolio. If someone ever says that Jay Cutler’s career wasn’t impressive, smack ’em around a bit. Give ’em a little shake down and steal their lunch money. Because you don’t care and neither does Jay Cutler. And the little amount that he cares is 100% impressive. It’s almost hard to not score on the New Orleans Saints defense by accident.

Look, we all knew that that ball wasn’t going to be thrown to Dirty Jay, but could he at least pretend he was going to throw a body in front of that guy to slow him down? Nah. He’s Jay Cutler. He plays for the Miami Dolphins and is single-handedly bringing down the city of Miami to his misery level.

(Featured Image Via The Chicago Sun Times)

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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