WATCH: Baseball Player Insults the Umpire In the Most Savage Way I’ve Ever Seen

There are very few things at this point that make me want to use the dead skull emoji. These days, I feel like the internet’s killed it. Especially NBA Twitter. After every single dunk last season I would see a replay of it get thrown on Twitter and at the end of the caption, there was the skull.

But this. My God this needs the skull because this dude MURDERED the umpire.

Taking a trash can and putting it where he stands is the most savage thing I have ever seen during a baseball game. It’s one thing to rip into the ump behind the plate. We all want to do that in 90% of the games that we ever played in. But this guy took it to a whole other level and he’s my new favorite ballplayer. I don’t know if this is minor leagues, semi-pro, who cares. This guy earned my respect.

What does this ump do now? You know that was in his head. You just can’t come back from that. You can’t. You need to go home, ask your wife for a divorce, change your name and leave the state. The place you live now knows you as the trash ump. I’m sorry man, but you’re officially cooked.

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