Washington Football Team blown out by the Cowboys, former running back Brian Mitchell sounds off against his old team

The Dallas Cowboys embarrassed the Washington Football Team on Sunday Night Football, 56-14. The Washington Football team looked passionless on the field and former running back Brian Mitchell unloaded on his former team. 

Mitchell who is an analyst NBC Sports Washington, spoke about the loss following the game. The former running back didn’t hold back about the team’s lackluster play, the fight on the sidelines and their head coach. 

Washington entered Sunday night’s game 6-8 and desperately needing to defeat the Cowboys to remain in the playoff hunt. Instead, Washington allowed the most points against them since 2010. 

Dallas dropped 42 points against the Washington Football team before the half and looked lifeless. The team played with no passion and head coach looked Ron Rivera had no answers for the Cowboys offense. 

“I told them you play this game long enough, you’re going to get beat like this,” coach Ron Rivera said. “How you respond to it, how you bounce back, how you play, that tells more about you than anything else.”

Brian Mitchell sounds off over teammates fighting each other on the sidelines

The blowout led to a jawing of words and then a scuffle between defensive tackles Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne. The two lineman expressed pleasantries on the sidelines and had to be broken up by other teammates. 

Allen who is a team captain for the Washington Football Team threw a punch at Payne. 

Players and coaches broke up the dispute and the two players continued to play alongside each other for the remainder of the game. 

“Just a little brotherly disagreement; maybe the wrong place, wrong time, but it happened,” Payne said.

“I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist,” said Allen. “If you look at how that game went, emotions are high, things are high, things happen.”

The emotions ran high and was caught by the NBC cameras. Mitchell would lead his rant off about the ugly loss. 

“I’ve heard excuses, I’ve seen lack of emotion and when I watch this game today, I finally saw emotion but it’s on the sidelines against our teammates. We have Dallas was out there kicking our asses consistently, ok and we sat there we took it but we fight our teammates,” said Mitchell.

Brian Mitchell is over the excuses

The Washington Football Team is now 6-9, they’ve clinched their fifth consecutive losing season. In conclusion, Mitchell is tired of the team consistently making excuses and the lackluster play on the gridiron. 

“I sit up here and swallow a lot of what I know and a lot of what I know is what I’m starting to see right now. That’s why this team is awful. Nobody corrects things we sit here we want to pacify people who wanna act as if everything is good, you’re not good when you’re sitting at 6-9, you’re not good when you start at 2-6, you’re not good when you get embarrassed like that.”

– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

Feature image courtesy of HogsHaven.com

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