Wake Up With Kevin Durant and Kendrick Perkins Beefing on Twitter

Whenever professional athletes are beefing on Twitter, it might be the funniest thing ever. One athlete that can’t stay out of beefing with people on Twitter is Kevin Durant. People might call Durant “soft” or “weak”. Well, he’s back to his usual shenanigans as he got into another Twitter beef, this time with former OKC teammate Kendrick Perkins.

After reading the initial beef, here are a few of my thoughts.

Perkins Is Still Mad That Durant Went To Golden State

I can’t blame Perk for this response. Kevin Durant pulled an incredibly cowardly move in joining the Warriors when he did. Was it a smart move? Probably. But, it was still a snake move in my opinion. Durant could have gone wherever he wanted and made that team an instant NBA title contender. Instead, he joined the best team in NBA regular season history and made them practically unbeatable in the NBA playoffs. So I don’t blame Perk at all for this comment.

K.D. Fires Back With A Shot At Perk’s Game

I don’t know how I really feel about this comeback by Durant. Maybe it’s…true? I will say this, watching Perk in a Celtics uniform at times was painful. He’d be fumbling the basketball, missing easy lay-ups, etc. But, I’m not sure if this is the world’s best comeback. Maybe Perk was real THAT bad when he was a part of the Thunder. But, nobody was paying attention to Kendrick Perkins as being a potential difference maker for the Thunder. I might need to see a little bit better from K.D. in the future.

Perk Doubled Down On K.D. Joining The Warriors

I’ll keep this short. This is Perkins’s only real argument here. I get it, it’s definitely worth talking about. But at that point, find something different or move on Perk. It’s a fight you won’t win at all and it isn’t worth fighting about anymore.

In Conclusion

It’s funny seeing these types of beef happen online. K.D. won his championships and Perk won his as well. They both had their good points and bad ones as well. At the end of the day, the past is the past and it can’t be changed. Now, does that mean I won’t enjoy if this were to resurface in the future? Nope! I’ll still enjoy it just as much as I did this time around.

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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