Verbally Committed: Episode 1: College Hoops March-What-If-Ness Bracket

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Verbally Committed, a college sports podcast. Your hosts Gilli and Connor hit the ground running in their first pod, tackling a number of topics:

First, they provide some reactions to recent news and discuss what’s going on at the University of Tennessee with Coach Duggs. Following the Duggs talk, they tackle the recent CFB news of Reggie Bush reinstated as a USC Trojan!

Next, the guys play out a scenario where the COVID-19 pandemic never happened and March Madness occurred. As a result, they break down the first two rounds of what could have been the NCAA Basketball tournament. Plenty of upsets picked, some of which are pretty surprising. See who moves through to the Sweet 16 in the ‘March What-If-Ness’ Bracket!

We hope you enjoy the 1st episode of Verbally Committed, presented by Couch Guy Sports! Find us via the links below, or simply search ‘Verbally Committed’ in your preferred method of listening to podcasts!



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