Vegas Golden Knights Continue Making History

Yes I am aware that this article is all about the Vegas Golden Knights and how you’ve probably nonstop heard about how they are making history. Practically every night all you here about is how the Golden Knights are making history in everything that they do. Most recently they just swept their first round opponent the Los Angeles Kings, in their inaugural season!

If we think back to before the season started, everybody thought the Golden Knights were going to stink. I can’t even lie I even thought they were going to stink. Even Vegas thought they were going to stink, with some preseason bets as high as 500-1 for them to win it all. Now right before the Stanley Cup Finals they are one of the favorites in the Western conference to win it all. Some Vegas books are saying that early bet to win it all is a huge liability for them.

“We have a running joke with all the people at the book saying ‘We’ll be cheering them all the way to the (Stanley Cup) parade, with our resumes in hand,’” said Jay Kornegay, the vice president of race and sports operations at the Westgate Las Vegas Superbook.

With the sweep of the Kings they are only the 3rd team in all four major sports to sweep their opponent in their first playoff series. They will go on to face the San Jose Sharks who also just got done sweeping their opponent. The Sharks will give them a bigger challenge than the Kings, but the Golden Knights will prevail, making an appearance in the Western Conference Finals, Ultimately losing to the Winnipeg Jets in 6. Though I will say seeing them win it all, and people win crazy amounts of money on an even crazier bet, would be awesome to hear about.


-John O’Connell
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