Urban Meyer to Step Down After Rose Bowl

After defeating Michigan 62-39 and Northwestern in the Big 10 championship game 45-24, Ohio State became the 6th ranked team in the College Football Playoff.  The ranking which was good enough to earn them a trip to the Rose Bowl against 9th ranked Washington will be Urban Meyer’s final game at Ohio State.  Meyer joined Ohio State in 2012 and had an overall record of 82-9 in Columbus.

Ohio State University plans to hold a press conference later today at 2pm.  At the press conference it is believed that offensive coordinator Ryan Day will be named Meyer’s permanent replacement.  Day as you may recall was the interim coach for the first three games while Meyer served a suspension for failing to notify school officials about misconduct from a former coach.

With Ryan Day taking over, the Buckeyes will still have one of the strongest offensive minds in college football.  Day, a former offensive coordinator at Boston College lead an Ohio State offense that ranked number two in total offense and sixth in scoring.  Day brings a fast paced, high scoring, and borderline nightmarish offense.  And don’t forget what he did to a Michigan defense lead by Don Brown, who also coached at BC, when they put up over 60 on them.

Why Leave Now?

Meyer has dealt with several brain issues throughout his career at Florida and at Ohio State.  He had brain surgery four years ago to drain an enlarged congenital arachnoid cyst.  A very similar issue caused him to leave Florida back in 2010.  Another reason he may be leaving Ohio State is his overall happiness with the program.  He’s brought the Buckeyes to the College Football Playoff multiple times including winning the inaugural CFP in 2014 over Oregon.  Leaving the program in the hands of Ryan Day, Ohio State will surely succeed.

But is there another reason that Meyer could be leaving?  Does he want to test the NFL perhaps?  Urban Meyer has left for “health reasons” before and with several NFL teams potentially looking for coaches, could Urban Meyer be on the top of the list?

Meyer’s Legacy

Going 7-0 against Michigan.  A winning percentage of .901, and only losing four Big 10 games, there is no doubt that Meyer is one of the best COACHES of all time.  May not be one of the best people of all time but there is no denying his coaching excellence.  Winning three national championships, numerous awards, and producing some of the best NFL talent, Meyer sure knew had to pick them, and coach them.

His legacy though will be tarnished though.  Failing to notify officials of misconduct from a former coach just hoping that no one would notice.  And when push came to shove, he folded.  This decision is kind of surprising though because of the timing.

His doctors and Ohio State officials warned him about his health and advised that he doesn’t coach too much longer.  Showing transparency with recruits and wanting the best for them, this was ultimately the right decision.

Meyer said he grew up watching Woody Hayes coach in Rose Bowls with Ohio State and this will be Urban Meyer’s first, and last Rose Bowl game.

-Brian Berard (@CouchGuyBrian)

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