The Anxious Mental State of a Dawgs Fan

I’m a proud Georgia Bulldogs Football Fan. Like any other Dawgs fans this week, I’ve been a walking mush of anxiety thinking about how big this game is on Monday night. We could wake up Tuesday morning as the Champions of the College Football Universe. Or, Nick Saban could rip my heart out again and throw it in a blender to be shredded into a million pieces until next August. 

Tuscaloosa Is Dust

Before we get into talking football, let me get this off my chest: Tuscaloosa is an absolute junkyard of a town. The bars stink. It’s a wasteland in the middle of the woods in Alabama. The only culture there is a bunch of trust-fund kids who come from Old Southern Money running around yelling “ROLL TIDE!” That’s the only thing unique about that place. Their gameday atmosphere is overhyped. I promise you, having spent plenty of weekends in both Athens and Tuscaloosa, the two don’t even compare. 

But here’s the thing, these two football teams just so happen to play pretty consistently with massive implications. And ever since 2008, Big Bad Bama’s been beating up their little UGA brother out in the front yard on Saturday afternoons. Straight up, as a Dawgs fan, it’s a kick in the nuts every single time they play.  

What Keeps Me Up at Night

There are mental snapshots I have from all of these games that haunt me to this day. Any Dawgs fan can probably vividly picture all of these plays as well. Just to name a few– in 2008, Julio Jones mossing an innocent Georgia DB to go up 31-0 just before half; and me thinking to my adolescent self, “Ok, wow, so that’s Julio Jones I guess.” In the 2012 SEC Championship, when Aaron Murray didn’t spike the ball inside the 10-yard line. Instead, he threw a weak screen to Conley and let the clock tick down to double 0’s. In 2015, when the Dawgs got mauled by Derrick Henry and Calvin Ridley on a rainy afternoon in Athens. In the 2018 CFP Championship, when some Freshman Hawaiian Braddah came in for Jalen Hurts. And then he decided to take over the sport and throw a laser to Devonta Smith in OT to win the Natty. Then the next season, in the SEC Championship, when Georgia thought they could sneak in the number 1 dual-threat QB in the entire country on special teams to try and run an unnecessary fake punt. And then the most recent back to back 41-24 ass-kickings.

That’s Not All

Clearly, none of those plays live rent-free in my head. Neither does the time when I was in Tuscaloosa randomly over the summer back in 2018. I was just out on the town with some friends at a huge bar with a giant 1000-inch TV. You would think a school as prestigious as Bama would be over their National Championship 6 months later. As soon as we got settled in there and I bought a drink, they just so happened to play Tua’s pass to Devonta on the big screen repeatedly for hundreds of Bama pigeons at the bar to revel at. But I totally didn’t care. My buddies didn’t make fun of me at all. It definitely didn’t ruin my night, and I didn’t think about it for weeks after the fact either. 

It’s Time for Kirby to Get His

I’m so beyond sick of watching Saban and the Tide run out of that tunnel and beat up on the Dawgs. Enough is enough. The Dawgs are favored to beat this team for the second time in a month for a reason. If there’s any Saban-led Bama team I’d choose to play over the years, it’s this one. And Kirby knows he needs to win this game more than anyone.

I honestly think Kirby and the boys get it done on Monday night. With the momentum rolling from the Michigan game, I love the immediate opportunity for revenge on Bama. Usually you have to wait a whole year, against a bunch of new guys anyways, but this is different. This is an opportunity that very few teams in college football get. Georgia is just too talented of a roster to lose to the same team twice in such a short amount of time. I have faith in my Dawgs. Quite honestly, I’d be more worried about this game if we had just beaten Bama in the SEC Championship. The pressure of a hypothetical undefeated season would’ve been too much.

We’ll See ya Monday Night

So, the table is set for quite the evening on Monday night. It’s shaping up to be a classic thriller between the Dawgs and the Tide. Will another nightmare snapshot be added to the detailed collection in my brain? Or will the Dawgs band together to finally slay the final boss of college football and beat Nick Saban once and for all. It’s gotta be the latter for the sake of humanity. 

-Cam Duley (Twitter: cammy_coco_)


(Featured Images Credit to saturdaydownsouth.com, tuscaloosanews.com, fieldstforum.com)

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  • January 6, 2022 at 1:24 pm

    Bama Alt Spread easiest play of my life.


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