Umpire Tells Adrian Beltre To Get In The On-Deck Circle, Moves Circle To Where He’s Standing, Promptly Gets Ejected


Come on, Blue? Adrian is just having a good time? It’s 2017, let the man live a little, huh? Honestly shocked he got tossed for this little joke. Trump’s ban on transgenders in the military really must have rattled Blue before the game yesterday. He just wasn’t having it.

Adrian Beltre has to be one of the low key funniest guys in baseball. You rarely see him crack a smile, hates being touched in the head, but is entertaining as all hell. Guy’s the man. Imagine if the Sox never let him go?

We already have a No Fun League in sports, MLB. Don’t follow in the NFL’s foot steps. You guys are already barely breathing above water as is. And you’re tossing guys because they wanted a little laugh?

Plus Beltre said in his post game interview that he stands in that spot every single game. Even games where that umpire has been behind the plate before and he hasn’t made a peep about it in the past. Beltre said he just doesn’t want to get hit. Is that a crime?

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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