With the UEFA Champions League starting in six days, that would make now a good time to look at each group and see what we think will happen throughout the group stage. Today we are focusing on Group C (Manchester City, FC Porto, Marseille, and Olympiacos). Now that we have the four teams in Group C, here are my predictions on how I feel the group will end up being from bottom to top.

4.) Olympiacos

Olympiacos is a team that usually can cause a struggle for a certain team, but I just don’t see it here in this group. I see this group as a fight for that second spot after Manchester City, but have Olympiacos on the outside looking in. I think they are going to win one game at most in this group. This team just looks like it will struggle against the other three teams. I have Olympiacos finishing 1-1-4 in the group and finishing last.


3.) FC Porto

FC Porto is a team that everybody thinks is going to the round of 16 out of this group, but I do see them struggling in this group. Having to face not only Manchester City and Marseille, but also Olympiacos who could potentially cause them some trouble in every group that they have played in over the last couple of seasons. Also now with the loss of Alex Telles, there back four takes a big hit in my opinion. Who is going to fill his role, and how effective will they be? Too many question marks for my liking. I see FC Porto finishing 2-1-3 in the group and finishing third with a chance to be in the Europa League.


2.) Marseille

This is another one of those teams that I think are going to shock a lot of people to be quite honest. Marseille has a solid all-around goaltender in Mandanda and the 35 year old is going to help Marseille get out of the group stage and into the round of 16. One other x-factor that they have is the French forward Dimitri Payet. Payet can help this team tremendously as he fits very well on the left wing in their 4-1-4-1 formation. This team finishes 3-1-2 in this group and is going to cause some problems going forward.


1.) Manchester City

This is an easy winner for me in Group C and that winner of the table is none other than Manchester City. They have the talent from top to bottom when healthy to easily make a run at the UEFA Champions crown. Man City also was originally banned from this year and the year after. You already know that they will be the heel the entire way throughout this competition. Teams are going to want to see them fail, but it definitely won’t be in this group. I just think this team matches up well against everybody in this group, and even without Sergio Aguero for now there won’t be any issues. Man City finishes 4-2-0 in my opinion in this group.


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