Two Top Employees Replaced in the White House (But it Wasn’t the One We Were Hoping For)

Never a dull moment in the Trump Administration, that’s for sure. In between bouts to take away insurance to millions of Americans [1] and telling transgender soldiers their lives aren’t worth defending our country [2], another pair of Executive branch members left their positions.

On July 21st, President Trump appointed Wall Street-er Anthony Scaramucci as his new communications director. Not surprising given his campaign promises against Wall Street and the fact that Trump is a bumbling contradiction. There was someone else who strongly disagreed with the appointment: Press Secretary Sean Spicer. That’s right, everyone’s least favorite big toe (whom we haven’t got to see much since he avoids press conferences because reporters are meanies) was outspokenly against Scaramucci [3].

Spicer resigned from his position that Friday, hours after the new communications director was hired. Trump allegedly tried to convince Spicer to stay on, but Spicer did not like the “confusing” appointment of Anthony Scaramucci. So now we can only reflect fondly on the hilarious antics and outbursts from Sean Spicer since January and hope that Sarah Huckabee-Sanders can fill his shoes.

If I stop here, it would be a slow week for the Trump machine. So to start this weekend strong, he decided to fire Chief of Staff Reince Priebus on Friday [4]. Priebus, who chaired the Republican National Convention during the last two elections, became Trump’s top aide in January.

Citing taking his Administration in a new direction, the President replaced his Chief of Staff with Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly. During an interview with CNN, now unemployed Priebus said “A president has the right to hit a reset button. I think it’s a good time to.” And I agree there. Now is a good time to start over. Trump is pretty much at a low point with some of the lowest approval rates in modern history. He’s almost in need of starting over. Hopefully John Kelly can help there.

So who is John Kelly? Before being appointed Secretary of Homeland Security earlier this year, Kelly was a Marine four-star and top U.S. military leader over several conflicts and presidents. If the Administration is looking for someone driven to serve his country, steadfast in chaos, and able to take control, they may have found their guy. But who knows what the Trump Administration thinks, nothing they do makes sense.

If a change is truly what they’re after, John Kelly would be the man to do it. I just hope that his lack of formal political experience keeps him from being a pushover like most that Trump associates with. Hopefully he walks into his new job and treats it like his past ones; Takes his command post and leads the struggling White House to victory. Unlike his past military victories, they will be small and come as the slightest improvements. But similar to his military operations, the costs of failure are high and could be dire for the country.

Written By: CJ Wilcox (@CJWilcox7)

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