Two Other Prospects the Red Sox Could Target with the Fourth Pick

We are less than a month out from the 2021 MLB Draft, and there is no clear front runner as to who will go first overall. As of right now, all signs point towards the Pittsburgh Pirates selecting shortstop out of Eastlake High School, Marcelo Mayer. So, that takes one of the two top shortstops off the board early on. The Red Sox have the fourth pick in the upcoming draft. That’s where it gets interesting.

In my last article, I discussed the top 2 pitchers that the Red Sox could take if they were to fall to the Sox at number 4. Well, let’s say that Rocker and Leiter are both off the board then. What does Chaim do now? Well, let’s take a look. There are two Prospects that the Boston Red Sox could target at 4th overall if they decided not to take a pitcher, or if both of them are off the board.

The Red Sox Could Target Henry Davis-Catcher-21-College: Louisville University with the Fourth Pick

I’ve said it a lot. The main thing to remember about the MLB Draft is that when you pick, you pick based on the talent and not need. Based on the catching depth that the Boston Red Sox currently have, you’d probably think a catcher is not needed. Like I said though, draft based on talent. That brings up Henry Davis, easily the best player on the board after Leiter and Rocker.

A lot of scouts compare this kid to Dodgers Catcher, Will Smith.

Davis had a breakout 2021 season at Louisville. He boasted a batting average of .370, hitting 15 home runs and driving in 48. Davis went absolutely ballistic at the plate. That wasn’t his most noticeable feature, though, as he is a two-tool athlete. Davis’s biggest trait is his arm behind the plate. He has thrown out over 34 percent of base stealers in the last two seasons and is only projected to get better. This is something that the Red Sox would love as Christian Vazquez is a known base stealing gunner. He obviously needs some fine-tuning, but, Davis could be a great pick-up for the Sox as a fallback option.

The Red Sox Could Target Jordan Lawler- Shortstop-18- Jesuit Prep (Texas) with the Fourth Pick

The Top 4 Shortstops could go in any order honestly. If I am looking at it, Kahlil Wilson will most likely be picked by the Rangers, while Marcelo Meyer should go number one overall to the Pirates. That leaves Brady House and of course, Jordan Lawler.

Lawler could honestly go 1st overall if the Pirates liked him enough, and they very well could. But, with how deep the Shortstop class is in the top 4, it is totally realistic to see him falling to the Red Sox at 4th overall.

Lawler has drawn multiple comparisons to the 2019 Second Overall pick, Bobby Witt Jr. who is very close to making a big-league debut for the Kansas City Royals within the next year.

This pick wouldn’t be terrible. You have Bogey and Jeter Downs waiting in the wings, but this kid has some pop and some good speed. The biggest flaw that he needs to work on is filling gaps up the middle when the ball gets hit to him. Tune that up a little and you have a very well-built prospect.

Wrap It Up…

If I had to pick one of the two for the Red Sox to take, I would probably go with Henry Davis. It is not often you see a catcher of this caliber fall to you. If the Red Sox are not able to go the way of a Rocker or Leiter, I would be completely content with them taking someone like Henry Davis.

The MLB Draft kicks off on Sunday, July 11th. It will be an interesting lead-up to the draft as rumors keep on flying. This is one of the biggest drafts for the Red Sox in recent memory as it could be the next step in finally rebuilding this farm system.

Jeff Hoak- @JeffHoak1 

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