Two Friends McDonald’s Prank Goes Unnoticed For 50 Days

Jahv Maravilla and Christian Toledo decided to hang a fake promotional poster at their local Mcdonald’s in Houston, Texas. The poster is simple, yet blends in with the rest of the poster in the restaurant. Jahv and Christian used this opportunity to make a statement on the lack of Asian representation in Mcdonald’s advertising. The poster ended up going unnoticed for 51 days until one of the men decided to post about it on Twitter. The post ended up going viral and talked about around the world.

Everyone should give these two men a round of applause. Not only did their poster go unnoticed in a highly popular fast food place for 50 days, but they also made a statement. McDonald’s needs to hire these guys as models or have them join their marketing team. I guarantee you that people all over the world will start trying something like this at different fast food places. So next time you’re in a fast food restaurant, look closely at the pictures. They could be fake!

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Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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