TV Breakdown: New Amsterdam

The new hit show New Amsterdam follows the life of the head medical director of New Amsterdam hospital, Dr Max Goodwin, played tremendously by Ryan Eggold who gets the job to transform this hospital into one that is world renound.

No small task that is, his first day he fires everyone in the Neuro department because they care more about billing than patient care. He then hires back his head guy in the neuro-department and gives him the power to hire his own revamped team in part of the Neurosurgical department.

The show keeps coming on strong for the viewers when he is faced with countless other ethical questions that arise in his first few weeks on the job.

Max also is fighting a more personal issue with his wife who is pregnant with his child, who doesn’t know he gets a life altering diagnosis himself of cancer. Mid-way through the season, he hasn’t told his wife yet. What will he do?

-Nick Sutherland (@Sudsy8)

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