Tuukka Rask’s Comments…From a Casual Bruins Fan’s Perspective

Listen, I’m going to be the first person to admit this. I’m not a diehard Bruins fan like a lot of others in the Boston/Massachusetts area. Am I a Bruins fan? Yes, I am. But I never grew up playing hockey, so I never had that same love for the Bruins that I do for the Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics. However, when playoffs come around, I’m all aboard. I’m basically Dave Portnoy…minus the success, good looks, and billions of dollars. But I’m like Dave in the sense that I pay attention during the playoffs because I know this Bruins team is basically a lock for playoffs.

Having said that, the Bruins are currently tied in their first round series with the Carolina Hurricanes 1-1. After a tough game two defeat, Tuukka Rask had some interesting comments during the postgame.

Not Worried About Results???

You’re not worried about the results? Tuukka, three more performances like that and you’re going home in the first round. The FIRST ROUND! This is the same team that was the only team in the NHL to record 100 points on the season. There are expectations, especially after losing in game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals last season. So while YOU may not be worried about results, your teammates and fans are cringing at a game two loss when you could’ve taken control of the series.

The “No Fans” Comment

So Tuukka mentioned the no fans and how it’s different to play in front of fans at home and on the road as opposed to what they’re doing now. I get all of that. Seriously I do. It’s awesome to play in front of a decent sized crowd. These guys play in sold out arenas almost every night. But Tuukka, man, that CAN’T be your go to reasoning. Self motivate yourself, visualize the Stanley Cup trophy, whatever you have to do, do it. Because playing in front of no fans is ZERO excuse. It’s also going to get the “Tuukka isn’t elite” crowd buzzing and having a field day with these types of comments.

In Conclusion

It was a weird vibe yesterday with the Bruins. David Pastrnak doesn’t play game two and is questionable for game three Saturday. The Bruins lose a tough game two where they out played the Hurricanes. Now you have your starting goaltender making comments like this? Not a great look! Maybe things turn around with a game three win Saturday. Until then, have your moment Tuukka haters!

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


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