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Tuck Rule Takes Ep. 103 – Worst Team In The NFL


The Patriots are the worst team in the NFL…and it’s really not close. It’s tough sledding for Pats fans nowadays. Everything from quarterback to receivers to coaching is in question. And for good reason. The guys are joined by their local Saints fan Dre Lavoie once again as well. The guest of honor gives his thoughts on how his team performed as well as what he thought of the Patriots. The mood is expectedly low, but that’s what you get when you’re a fan of the worst team in the NFL at the moment.

All that and so much more on a compact episode of Tuck Rule Takes!

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One thought on “Tuck Rule Takes Ep. 103 – Worst Team In The NFL

  • Ben Cherry

    I think I’d argue the Panthers are the worst team in the NFL.


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