Tuck Rule Takes Ep. 99 – No Moral Victories…BUT…


In New England there are no moral victories…but…the Patriots loss to the Eagles Sunday left much to be encouraged about. But before the game, there’s other topics to get to. For starters, the AFC East is wide open now. With Aaron Rodgers going down and the Bills looking like trash, the Pats have a path to the East crown. The guys give a quick break down of the Jets/Bills game to start the episode. Has Josh Allen succumbed to the almighty Madden Curse and reverted back to 2019? After that, it’s on to the game. Again, NO MORAL VICTORIES, but there’s a lot to be happy about. Everything from the defensive rookies to Mac’s great game are discussed. And of course, the FG attempt that never happened.

All that and so much more on a compact episode of Tuck Rule Takes!

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