Tuck Rule Takes Ep. 95 – Feed Zeke


FEED ZEKE! Ezekiel Elliott is officially a New England Patriot. And two of the three hosts are ecstatic about it. Liam goes on his diatribe about how he hates Zeke halfway through the episode. The guys FIRST start, though, with football being back! The Pats played their first preseason game last week as football is officially BACK. With plenty of talking point to take from the game, the guys waste no time. Keion White is a major plus coming out and everyone is pumped about it. Also, will Jalen Mills position switch help him out this season? The guys also get into the shoddy OL play and if it’s something to be worried about so early on or not. And of course Malik Cunningham is brought up. After that, it’s on to Zeke. EAT ZEKE FEED ZEKE! And lastly the guys go over some injuries.

All that and so much more on a compact episode of Tuck Rule Takes!

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