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Tuck Rule Takes Ep. 67 – Top 5 Patriots WR’s


The Top Patriots WR’s episode is here! With there being little to no news regarding the Patriots this week, the guys went heavy on the list. We got Top 5 Patriots WR’s in our lifetime (drama regarding this little bit) this week. With plenty of guys to choose from, things obviously got a little testy the further into the draft we went. Were there any reaches? Or how about anyone you think got left out? Let us know! Everyone from legends to big names to lesser known guys made the list. Even a few guys who we believe don’t get their just due in Patriots Nation. The Super Bowl is next week and we do touch on that a little bit before we start out draft. Liam still bafflingly being an Eagels fans lets you know who he is going to root for but the rest of the guys held off their picks until next week. Tune in then to find out who Mike and Al pick. But other than that, enjoy finding out who the guys think are the top Patriots WR’s in their lifetime!

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