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Tuck Rule Takes Ep. 63 – Regular Season Finale


As the regular season finale approaches, the Patriots find themselves in another must win game. After taking care of business against the Dolphins on New Years Day, New England controls their own destiny. And all they have to do is beat the Bills…IN Buffalo…with an injured secondary. Easy right? We talk about the Dolphins game first and how the Patriots offense once again showed how inconsistent it is. Once again Matt Patricia is the topic of conversation. This offense is as predictable as can be and it’s too late in the season to fix it. But at least the defense is showing up each week. Can the Pats win ugly games on their way to a semi-deep playoff run? The guys discuss that as well. Lastly, there’s talk about Patriots fans being upset if this team makes the playoffs. Does that makes any sense? So we discuss that as well. All that and more!

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