Trust The Bruins

The Bruins just announced their lineup for game seven tonight and they are sticking with the guys that got them there.

This is the lineup the B’s have trusted throughout their entire season (Besides Rick Nash). This says a lot and shows that the B’s are willing to play with their trusted lineup and that they want the guys who got them to the playoffs to push them into the next round.

If the Bruins are going to be able to win this game they need to get the depth scoring that they had during the season. The Leafs have been able to slow the Bruins first line so now the second and more importantly the third line need to get the scoring going for the Bruins. Riley Nash and Heinen need to get on the board tonight. If that third line can pick up a goal tonight I guarantee the Bruins win.

Another key to this game for the Bruins is getting shots to the net with traffic. Andersen has played very well the past few games but he’s been able to see every shot. They need to have guys willing to get to the dirty areas and fight to the front of the net. Rick Nash and David Backes have to be on top of Andersen every chance they get. On the same subject they need to hit the damn net. They’ve missed a million shots this series and that’s the reason they’ve been losing games. Any shot on net is a good shot.

Lastly, they need to stop the Maple Leafs stretch pass. They’ve been doing it the whole damn series and the Bruins keep getting burnt by it. I’m aware that it’s easier said than done but by now you have to make an adjustment to stop it. Look for McAvoy to have a better effort than his last game he looked sluggish for the first time in a long time.

If I’ve learned anything about the Bruins this year it’s that you can’t count them out. They’ve had endless comebacks and remember when we thought their seasons was done in November? Yeah we were wrong. I’d like to see them come out and take a huge lead but I see that being doubtful in a game seven. Either way I’m excited to watch a triple OT game.

Nothing like a home game seven for the Boston Bruins, the Garden will be rocking tonight and hopefully the Bruins can capture the momentum and move on to the second round. The game starts at 7:30 on NBCSN or NESN.

Just gonna leave this here

– Written By Tyler Smith (@TylerSmith4386)

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