Triston Casas is the Answer to the Red Sox First Base Conundrum

By now, we have all heard the name, Triston Casas. The top overall prospect for the Boston Red Sox who has been absolutely raking in Portland Maine, and also at the Tokyo Olympics. Casas is showing himself to be an absolute stud and could be the answer to a lot of questions the Boston Red Sox could have when they head into the 2022 Season.

Casas is currently just returning from winning silver with Team USA at the Tokyo Olympics. The power-hitting first baseman is making a name for himself in the league and could be looking at promotion up to AAA WooSox by the end of the month.

So, why is he the answer to the troubling question that is First Base? Let us take a deep dive into why!

Why is Triston Casas the Answer for the Red Sox First Base

Let’s be honest, it has been an absolute black hole of a season for the Red Sox at first base, it has been a revolving door. Bobby Dalbec has been the only go-to name that has been consistent at the corner. Though Dalbec lacks the power, as he is currently hitting .218 with 11 home runs. The young rookie has not been as good as Sox fans and coaches thought he would be. It has been a tough go overall, from Danny Santana to Marwin Gonzalez to the failed experiment of trying to get Christian Arroyo’s bat in the lineup by playing first. There just has not been an answer this season at first for the Red Sox. Hell, I’m intrigued to see the Schwarber experiment when that time comes.

If we are looking ahead to 2022 though, the one name that pops off the chart is currently raking in AA Portland for the Sea Dogs. That is the power bat of Triston Casas. The 21-year-old stands at 6 foot 4 inches and hits from the left side of the plate. The bat of Casas was a key component to the Portland Sea Dogs franchise longest 13 game win streak, all prior to his departure to Tokyo. Casas has been on base a ton, boasting a whopping .354 On-Base Percentage. All while slugging  .777 which is just absurd. The kid rarely strikes out. His eyes are on the prize, and that is Fenway Park, and it could be as soon as next season.

Why Not Call Triston Casas Up this Year?

This has been a question up for debate ever since Casas left Tokyo to head back to the United States. Should the Boston Red Sox give Casas a chance right now to light a spark? While I agree with the sentiment. I do not think he is completely ready yet. Going from AA to Majors is hard enough as it is. You do not want to bring him up until you fully know he is ready. Add that to the fact that the Red Sox should give him some time in the WooSox Organization to kind of adjust himself to the Major League pitchers a little better.

2022 is the best shot to see the Power Hitting Lefty at Fenway, whether it be a mid-season call-up or an opening day starter, this will be the best time for him to arrive at The Show.

So What is the Answer for the Red Sox Until a Triston Casas Call-Up?

It’s a simple answer, just go with the flow, whoever is hot play them. At this juncture in time, it is all you can do. One person I do see possibly getting a look at first base until Kyle Schwarber gets his shot is utility man Yairo Munoz who is currently raking for the AAA WooSox. Sitting on a 32 game hit streak right now. If, (it is a big if), Munoz can contribute at all like he showed last year, then he needs to be in the lineup until further notice.

The Wrap Up

So all in all, Triston Casas will be the answer to the conundrum that is at First Base. We just need to give it a little more time, we cannot rush it!! His pure power alone will get Red Sox fans excited, and very soon he could be showing off that power at Fenway Park.

–Jeff Hoak- (@JeffHoak1)

Photo Courtesy: Boston Herald

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