Trevor Lawrence and Ian Book Declare for NFL Draft

Today, two out of the four CFP quarterbacks declared for the NFL draft.  Both, Trevor Lawrence and Ian Book made their announcements on Twitter.  Lawrence with a video and Book with a tweet, both thanking their respect schools, coaches, and fans for the support for the last three years.

As we can all expect, Lawrence will most likely be the number one overall pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars and I fully expect Book to fall somewhere in rounds four or five.  What sucks is that both of these guys are leaving and college football is going to be different next year.  No Trevor Lawrence, Ian Book, Kyle Trask, Mac Jones, or Justin Fields.  It is definitely going to be weird watching these teams reload with new guys and watch them make a name for themselves.   But I’m going to miss watching these guys play on Saturday and I’ll be excited to watch them play on Sundays now too.  But nothing beats college football.

Outside of the NBA, college football is probably my second favorite sport to watch.  The pure electricity that Lawrence and Book brought to their programs and their fans was really something out of a movie.  Lawrence had all this hype and lived up to every moment of it.  It’s unfortunate he never got a Heisman but it is what it is.  He’ll be the best player to never get one.  As for Book, he brought a historic team back to National Championship competition, even if they never had a chance he still gave them a chance to play for it all.  But the big thing is, just how good these two were in college.  Lawrence will go down as one of the best ever.  Not just at Clemson, but ever!  Ian Book will go down as one of the best Notre Dame quarterbacks ever right alongside Joe Montana and Brady Quinn.  Lawrence ended his career with 90 touchdowns and 10,000 passing yards.  Book will end with 72 touchdowns and 8948 passing yards.  Both are incredible and I’m happy I got to watch both of these guys battle for the last three years.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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