Trent Frederic is the new fan favorite in Boston

If you’re a Boston Bruins fan, there’s a chance you have some animosity towards New Jersey Devils defenseman PK Subban. While he no longer plays for the Montreal Canadiens, there’s a lot of history between Subban and the Bruins in general.


Frederic immediately stood out to the hockey world when he challenged PK Subban during the Bruins’ season opener.



“I’m in your f–king kitchen 76… woo!”


The Subban incident put him on the map and fans were intrigued. Subban wanted no part in dropping the gloves with Frederic which he made abundantly clear when he said to him, “When I’m ready.”


Sure, PK… and when will that be?


Frederic is a 23-year-old natural center who has been playing left wing on the third line. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri, stands at 6’2″, and weighs 203 pounds. The kid has guts, and to Bruins fans, this is an exciting time.


The “Big Bad Bruins” era of Milan Lucic and Shawn Thornton was when the Bruins were at their peak in performance and physicality. They were a fun team to watch and “Lucic Fight Club” shirts could be spotted throughout TD Garden. It’s obvious that Bruins fans value a player who can throw down and the desire for that has never left.


Frederic only furthered his popularity when he fought Tom Wilson of the Washington Capitals without even thinking twice.



Wilson is notorious for being a dirty player as well as someone who rarely loses a fight. He has two inches and 17 pounds on Frederic, but Frederic still held his own against him and got a few rights in. The Bruins were down by a goal, and this bout between the two increased the team’s confidence. They went on to come back and win the game 5-3.


Most recently, Frederic got into it with Alex Ovechkin. During their game against the Capitals on Wednesday, the two had been going at it all night. There was a lot of talking between them and eventually, the tension boiled over. Ovechkin had enough of being pestered and he speared Frederic in the groin. He was fined $5,000 for the incident.



Despite this situation not going Frederic’s way, it’s still important to note that he was not afraid of the 6’3″, 238-pound captain. He stayed on him all night, making his presence known and refusing to back down.


It’s a shame TD Garden doesn’t have a sellout crowd every night to witness #11 in action. If Frederic can find his scoring groove, he could be the new version of the 2011-2014 Lucic. The points will come with time, but regardless, he is going to be out there every single night proving he deserves to be in the lineup.

– Caylee Allard

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