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Christmas is finally here! Unfortunately with COVID, you may be taking extra safety precautions this year and celebrating with just your household this year. That does not mean you have to change any holiday traditions. The holidays are the perfect time to try all those tasty treats! Need any ideas? Let me take you through a list of some of my favorite holiday indulgences.


Peppermint Bark 

I absolutely love peppermint bark. Honestly, in my opinion, peppermint anything is amazing; especially eating peppermint alongside chocolate, what a combo! The great thing about peppermint bark is that it’s not difficult to make. It’s a great dessert to make as well because the bark is not judged on its overall appearance. No one will be commenting “oh this looks SO pretty”. After all, you just smash the dessert to break up the bark into many pieces.

Source: TheModernProper.com

Cranberry Cheese Strudel

This may sound like an odd combination but if you like cranberry cheesecake then I would not discriminate! I love the combination of fruit and cheese, it’s quite delicious. Also, to make the dessert more interesting you could always add other fruits to it. Or, if you’re looking for a nutty addition, try adding pecans!

Source: BGH.com


A classic but a goodie! I recently learned a new way to cook s’mores. Ever thought of using an air fryer for cooking s’mores? Well if you haven’t then I recommend making s’mores that way as it cuts down the cooking time. Line the air fryer with tinfoil and set it to around 290 degrees. You just need to place one marshmallow on top of one graham cracker in the air fryer for about 2-3 minutes. When you take out the unfinished s’more, then you can place the chocolate on top of the hot marshmallow and top it off with the other graham cracker! The chocolate will instantly melt; thus, leaving you with the perfect s’more. Thank me later.

Source: Hershey.com


Christmas Punch

Disclaimer: please proceed with caution when drinking Christmas Punch, as having too much may have you on the floor! Christmas punch is perfect because of the variety of flavors it has. If you want to add more sugar than the drink initially has, then feel free to add sugar! Also, you are able to include any types of fruits in the drink as there is no set way to make the punch. However, most people use cranberry juice as a base.

Source: CookingClassy.com

Kahlua Hot Chocolate

We all love a good hot chocolate with marshmallows! However, have you ever tried a spiked hot chocolate? If you have not I definitely recommend it! If you’re sitting by the fireplace on a brisk night then this drink is perfect for you. Also, if you don’t like Kahlua feel free to substitute with your choice of liquor. The marshmallows make the perfect finishing touch. And don’t forget to drizzle some chocolate or caramel on top!

Source: DamnDelicious.net

Baileys Coffee Milkshake

This is drink is not a traditional holiday drink but it still is delicious. Throw in some ice cubes and you will not have to worry about drinking this quickly. For this drink, you’ll need cold brew, milk, Baileys Irish Cream, vodka (of your choice), chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, and whipped cream! Don’t forget the ice cubes!

Source: Delish.com

Enjoy the holiday season! And keep me posted if you decide to try one of the treats or drinks mentioned above!

– Fran Romero (@chess_romero)

Featured image courtesy of Dinneratthezoo.com.

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