Top 50 Superhero Movies of All-Time: 10-6

10 Man of Steel (2013)- When it comes to Man of Steel, you either hate this movie or love this movie. There is no in-between. The reason I love this film is because I believe it’s the best Superman story we have ever gotten on the big screen. Superman is a really tough character to write because he’s pretty much the perfect person. But in this film, Clark Kent is humanized as a man who is trying to find his way in the world. He’s just indestructible. Henry Cavill is perfect as Superman and the action in this movie is spectacular as well. It’s a shame the film’s sequels have not done justice for Superman.

9. Spider-Man (2002)- Spider-Man changed my life. I was 9 years old when it came out and it made me become a superhero fan. Spider-Man had a huge impact on pop-culture as it became the 1st film ever to gross $100 million on its opening weekend. The main reason for that success is that the movie was so damn good. Tobey Maguire is very good as Peter Parker/Spider-Man as he instantly becomes an underdog everyone can root for. Willem Dafoe is spectacular as the insane Green Goblin and J.K. Simmons was born to play J. Jonah Jameson. Some people will say this movie doesn’t hold up, but I think it gets better with age. 

8. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)- While I like The First Avenger very much, The Winter Soldier took the Captain America franchise to another level. In a much more complex movie, Steve Rogers comes to realize that the world is not as black and white as he thought it was. The movie also has one of the great twists in the entire MCU as it turns out The Winter Soldier is actually Steve’s best friend from the 40’s, Bucky Barnes.

7. Batman Begins (2005)- You cannot underestimate the importance of this movie. Batman Begins was CPR for the Batman franchise and it gave us the origin of how Bruce Wayne became The Dark Knight. In my opinion, Christian Bale is far and away the best Bruce Wayne/Batman we have seen on the big screen. Bruce goes through so much in this movie that you can’t help but cheer him on when he becomes The Batman. Liam Neeson is also fantastic as Ra’s al Ghul as he serves as Batman’s mentor turned foe. This movie is great and I feel its not talked about enough as an all-time great movie because of its sequel (we’ll get to that soon).

6. Iron Man (2008)- It’s the one that started it all. It’s hard to imagine now, but Iron Man was a huge gamble at the time and boy did it pay off. It’s the origin of Tony Stark, who is a billionaire who captured by terrorists and goes on a journey of self-discovery. After escaping, Stark uses his genius and money to help better the world and create the Iron Man suit. Robert Downey Jr. simply is Tony Stark and is the main reason why Iron Man is now a cultural icon.

-Steve Santoro (SVS_1993)

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