Top 50 Basketball Players of All-Time: 40-31

40 Patrick Ewing (1985–2002) C: As one of the biggest stars of the 90s, Ewing was an elite scorer, rebounder, and shot-blocker. Throughout his 17 year career, he averaged over 21 points, nearly 10 rebounds, and nearly 2.5 blocks per game. But he could never capture that championship for the Knicks.

39 Chris Paul (2005–Present) PG: Ever since he entered the league, Paul has been one of the 3 best point guards in the game. He’s great on both sides of the ball as he’s led the league 4 times in assists and 6 times in steals. He hasn’t gotten his ring yet, but he still has time.

38 Paul Pierce (1998–2017) SF: As part of a the most legendary franchise of all-time, “The Truth” ranks in the pantheon of great Celtics. He ranks 2nd in points, 7th in rebounds, 5th in assists, 1st in steals, and 3rd in games played for Boston. Pierce cemented himself as of the Celtic great with that 2008 Championship and Finals MVP.

Paul Pierce is one of the Celtics’ all-time leading scorers.

37 Gary Payton (1990–2007) PG: As the only point guard ever to win Defensive Player of the Year, Payton earned his nickname “The Glove”. Not only was Payton selected to an NBA record 9 All-Defensive teams, he was also a 9-time All-Star, and a 2-time All-NBA 1st teamer as well.

36 George Gervin (1972–1990) SF/SG: When you think of the most underrated players in basketball history, “The Iceman” has to be up there. After spending 5 years in the ABA, Gervin came to the NBA and became one of the league’s greatest scorers. He was a 5-time All-NBA 1st teamer, 9-time NBA All-Star, a 3-time ABA All-Star, and a 4-time scoring champion. Also, “The Iceman” is one of the more badass nicknames ever.

35 Jason Kidd (1994–2013) PG: Before Westbrook, Kidd was Mr. Triple-Double. Kidd was a fantastic rebounder for a guard, which led him to having 107 career triple-doubles (3rd all-time). He also ranks 2nd all-time in both assists and steals.

34 John Stockton (1984–2003) PG: While Kidd is 2nd all-time in assists and steals, John Stockton ranks 1st all-time in both categories. Not only is he the all-time leader in those categories, but Stockton was also a 2-time All-NBA 1st teamer and a 10-time All-Star as well. He just could never get over the hump and win that ring.

Steve Nash was a back to back MVP for the Phoenix Suns.

33 Allen Iverson (1996–2010) PG/SG: Probably the greatest little player in the history of the game, Iverson was one of the most electric players in the history of basketball. The 2001 MVP was also an 11-time All-Star and scored over 24,000 points. He should have lasted longer in the league, but his stubbornness to take a lesser role costed him at least 4 more years.

32 Steve Nash (1996–2014) PG: As one of the 1st great Canadian born players, Steve Nash was one of the best point guards of the 2000s. He won back-to-back MVPs in 2005 and 2006 and had an amazing 4 different years in which he was part of the 50-40-90 club (50% field goal, 40% from 3, 90% from the line).

31 Stephen Curry (2009–Present) PG: While Ray Allen has the most 3 pointers in history right now, that record will soon belong to Stephen Curry. The 2-time MVP has already broken countless 3 point records and is currently a big part of the Warriors’ new dynasty. He’s got 3 rings and he’s only 30 years old.

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