Top 5 NBA Free Agents This Offseason

Now that the NBA season is over, its time to look forward to the offseason. That’s right, there’s no sleep if you’re an NBA fan. We go hard 12 months a year! Today we are ranking the best free agents on the market. Before you ask, no Kevin Durant does not count. He’s already said he’s going back to the Warriors. So let’s rank the top free agents on the market starting with some honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions- Clint Capella, Aaron Gordon, Jabari Parker, Julius Randle, and Isaiah Thomas

5 DeAndre Jordan- With the Clippers in the mist on a rebuild on the fly, DeAndre Jordan is probably a goner. Despite being a traditional big, he still has a lot of value. Jordan is one of the best rebounders in basketball and still a fantastic shot blocker. A lot of teams could use that.

4 DeMarcus Cousins- If Cousins didn’t suffer that ACL tear in February, he’d number 2 on this list easy. But he did and his value has dropped. When Cousins played, he was his typical dominate self averaging 25 points and 12 rebounds. You just don’t find those type of players like that. I think he’ll stay with the Pelicans to give him and Anthony Davis another shot, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Dallas makes a run.

Paul George has been longed rumored to be headed to the Lakers.

3 Chris Paul- Paul was almost in the same category as Durant but it now sounds like Houston isn’t a lock anymore to resign Paul. He said he doesn’t want to sign anything less than the max and that could be a problem in Houston’s recruit of another certain free agent. I’d still be shocked if he isn’t back with Houston.

2 Paul George- What was expected to be a huge year in OKC, turned into a disappointing first round exit. The Thunder don’t have much room to improve as they gave up most of their assets to get George and Carmelo Anthony. If George doesn’t see a future with the Thunder, he could be well on his way to LA.

1 LeBron James- Was there any doubt? “The Decision: Part 3” takes place in 2018 as LeBron James hits the market once again. No other player shifts the balance of power in the NBA quite like LeBron, which is why he’s clearly the number one free agent. The next month of speculation is going fun.

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