Top 5 Goal Scorers in the NHL

There are plenty of guys who put the puck in the back of the net during the NHL’s season but who are the best in the league? This is a list based on guys who have shown the ability to score in the past 5 seasons.

5. Max Pacioretty


The captain of the Montreal Canadiens has shown his scoring talent and has put up at least 30 goals in each of the last four full seasons. Pacioretty is a certified sniper and leads the Canadiens in goals every season. He’s been scoring left and right and he hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down he’s only 28 so he has plenty of productive years ahead of him.

4. Patrick Kane


Kane has been known to be a playmaker but he has no problem scoring goals all by himself and he’s tallied 159 goals in the past five seasons. Kane has been a prolific scorer since he has entered a league and has never had less than 20 goals in a season. In the last two seasons he’s scored 80 goals and he’s trending in the right direction, he looks to be more comfortable with shooting rather than passing now but he can still drop dime like passes any day of the week.

3. Sidney Crosby


No surprise Sid the Kid is on this list but he only comes in at number 3 as he’s also scored 159 goals in the past five years. Crosby is just an all around dynamic player and is the best in the world. Crosby can do it all he can go bar down on command while also being able to make a slick feed to a linemate on the backdoor. He put together 44 goals this season and led the league in goal scoring. Sid has plenty of years of 30–40 goals left.

2. Joe Pavelski

Joe Pavelski, Matt Murray

Pavelski has been a great goal scorer throughout his career but he never seems to get as much attention as the rest of the guys on this list. Pavelski has scored 161 goals the past five seasons and he’s been in the upper 30’s in goals in most seasons. Pavelski also has the best shooting percentage as 15% of his shots wind up in the back of the net. Pavelski is the leader on the Sharks and scoring goals is a good way to lead your team.

1.Alex Ovechkin

NHL: New York Rangers at Washington Capitals

No surprise her Ovi is the greatest goal scorer in the league no doubt about it. Ovi has tallied 219 goals over the past five years. That’s 58 more than the next closest! That’s crazy, Ovi is the best sniper around and has reached the 50 goal mark three times in the past five years. He’s got his own spot on the power play and will rip pucks past the goalie no matter what. Ovi could tell you where he’s gonna shoot and still score on you, he has one of the hardest shots and quickest releases it’s no wonder he is the best goal scorer.

Written By: Tyler Smith (@TylerSmith4386)

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