Top 10 Fantasy Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers for 2018

Now before you read these rankings, you must remember that this is from a fantasy perspective.  Some players will be ranked higher than those that are better than them on the field, but have a higher fantasy value.  For example, mobile quarterbacks will instantly get the edge over pocket passers because of their ability gain points with their legs. Also these rankings are always changing because nothing in the league stays constant.


1. Aaron Rodgers

Coming back from his injury last year, I think Rodgers tops the fantasy leaderboard this year.  With newly signed Tight End Jimmy Graham, Rodgers will lead the NFL in touchdowns and probably help your fantasy team a tremendous amount.


2. Deshaun Watson

If anyone is gonna give Rodgers a run for his money, it’s gonna be Deshaun Watson.  In his 6 starts he averaged 32.7 fantasy points a game.  In most cases a 30 bomb from your QB can win you your week.  If he stays healthy this year, Watson will be the second best ( or maybe best ) fantasy player in all leagues.


3. Russell Wilson

Some people will think Wilson is too high on here, but I think they forget this guy lead the league in passing TD’s last year.  Oh, and he led his team in rushing yards.  Wilson also accounted for 86% of the entire Seahawks offensive yards.  With a new offensive coordinator, I think this guy puts together another MVP consideration season and can help you win your fantasy league.


4. Tom Brady

Brady should probably be higher, but I just can’t do it.  He lost Edelman for 3 games,  Dion Lewis is on the Titans, and Amendola is in Miami.  Do I think the Patriots will have a great season and probably end up in the Super Bowl again? Yes. Do I think Brady will have a outstanding season making him the top fantasy QB this year? No.


5. Drew Brees

Brees has constantly been in the top fantasy QB discussion and he stays there again this year.  With his stud young RB in Alvin Kamara, and Mark Ingram coming off a suspension in week 5, defenses worry about the Saints running game.  Making it easy pickings for the vet Brees.


6. Carson Wentz

Wentz was having a fantastic season last year before his injury.  I think he can reproduce it to some degree.  However, after their franchise QB tearing his ACL, the Eagles will probably be more hesitant with Wentz.  Also I think he will be hesitant to dive for the endzone again.


7. Cam Newton

Newton will ALWAYS be fantasy relevant.  Personally I think he can be a bit immature for a professional football player, but that doesn’t effect his production on the field much.  Except when he has an attitude problem and gets benched for a drive.  His ability to score in the redzone is like no other though and that lands him in my top 10.


8. Matthew Stafford

Stafford’s fantasy production is no joke.  He’s always gonna get you a solid amount of points week in and week out, and usually you can wait until pretty late in the draft to grab him.



9. Ben Roethlisberger

When you have Le’veon Bell and Antonio Brown to dish the ball to, you’re gonna have a good fantasy season.  Not to mention good ol’ JuJu out there balling.  Big Ben can be grabbed later in the draft and makes for a good, not great, fantasy QB each year.


10. Philip Rivers

Rivers is always a decent fantasy option and with a solid run attack and better than average receivers, the vet will find a way to get you at least 15 fantasy points a game.


Wide Receivers

1. Antonio Brown

The unanimous number 1 receiver in fantasy football, and even in general.  If you put anybody ahead of this guy, you have to get your brain checked out.  Because what ha can do is just absolutely ridiculous.


2. DeAndre Hopkins

Hopkins and Watson had a special connection going on last year before Watson’s injury, I think they can pick up where the left off.  Also I think Hopkins makes another ridiculous catch this year for catch of the year.  Just like last year.


3. Odell Beckham Jr

Odell looks great coming off of an injury last year.  I think in his return you see the same crazy talent we’ve seen in the past, but even better production.  With defenses now having to worry about Saquon Barkley, Beckham should have no problem taking the top off of the defense more often.  Comeback player of the year right here.


4. Julio Jones

Julio would probably be 3 or even 2 if the falcons didn’t go out and draft Calvin Ridley.  Ridley is going to be the future of Atlanta’s receiving core and I think he steals some of Julio’s targets because of the amount of attention he draws from defenders.


5. Mike Evans

Even with Jameis Winston suspended 3 games, Mike Evans is an absolute beast of a receiver.  I think he can easily finish top 5 if the Bucs quarterback can keep his head straight.


6. Michael Thomas

Thomas has silently been one of the best receivers in the league and I expect that to continue.  With Drew Brees you always have to worry about every potential receiver on the field, giving Thomas the 1 on 1’s that we know he can win.


7. Devante Adams

With Jordy out of Green Bay, Adams is the man.  Cobb will always be around, and Aaron Rodgers will have Jimmy Graham.  However Adams and Rodgers have the chemistry already there and I expect him to get targeted a lot this year.


8. Keenan Allen

Keenan Allen was killing it last year, and I expect that to continue.  With a stud RB in Melvin Gordon, the chargers offense is staying on track to be one of the better ones in the league.  Also with Hunter Henry sidelined for the year Allen will see more redzone targets.


9. AJ Green

AJ was kinda spotty last year because of various reasons, but his talent is easily top 5 in the league.  I simply can’t put him lower than 9.  If he produces to his maximum potential, he will easily finish top 5 this year.  But I’m expecting a little less than maximum.


10. Larry Fitzgerald

Larry Legend! Ol’ Reliable! Whatever you wanna call this guy, one thing is true.  He doesn’t seem to age.  At 34 years old he can ball with the best of them, and this year with a more experienced QB throwing to him I think he finishes just in the top 10 for fantasy receivers.



Tune in next week for my top Running Backs and Tight Ends.


~ Jon Tetreault ( @JonTetreault13 )

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