Tom Brady Was on Jimmy Kimmel Last Night And Talked Contracts and Winning

Tom Brady has been in California all week, specifically Los Angeles, and might I say, he crushed it.

We can pull a couple of things out of this video. I’ve seen it all over Twitter now that Tom Brady really doesn’t take less money because he wants his team to be better. Well, I guess people think that’s not the main reason why he does it. When Kimmel asked him about how he’s not one of the top paid players in football, Brady laughed and said Giselle makes a lot of money.

Which, yeah, of course she does. I know at one point she was the highest paid supermodel in the world. I don’t know if that’s still true but I mean, let’s say she is.

Are we really going to even bring this up? Guys, of course, that plays a massive role in Brady being able to take less money. Duh. Now, I think he would still take less if he wasn’t with her so the team could afford better players, but probably just not as little as he does now.

But the best part about his interview… When he started talking about winning and how he wants to keep going. That must strike fear right down the spines of the rest of the league. This guy is fresh off of his SIXTH Super Bowl. Six. He literally is tied for the most Super Bowl Championships franchise-wise HIMSELF. And he’s not done.

Interviews like these make me remember how lucky we are to have this guy on the Patriots. He’s a genuine dude who loves nothing but winning the next Super Bowl. If there was ever a war on Tom Brady, New England would sacrifice anything to protect the region’s golden child.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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