Tom Brady Misses Practice Today To Receive An MRI On Shoulder

How’s that for click bait?

According to Tom E. Curran and Mike Giardi of NBC Sports Boston, Tom Brady was absent from practice today due to an MRI he was having done to check for any damage in his left shoulder.

Results came back negative and Tommy isn’t expected to miss week 6. Like he would anyway. His arm could be falling off and dragging around across the turf and he would still be out there. Come on now.

Brady received the initial injury, which is being labeled as an AC joint sprain, last Sunday at their home game against the Carolina Panthers. It was then re-aggravated the following Thursday night against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Brady has been taking an absolute mauling in the backfield this season as he has already been sacked 16 times in just five games played. Last season? He had been sacked just 15 times total. His season was only 12 games though. #DeflateGate. But regardless, I can tell you with my expert analysis, that isn’t ideal.

According to NBC Sports Boston’s “Quick Slants”, Brady had been sacked on just 3.4% of his dropbacks last season. This year he has been sacked 7.6% of the time which is the second highest of his career.

The left side of the line has been shaky at best and that is due to the poor, and clearly diminished performance of left tackle, Nate Solder.

Solder has taken a clear step back in his play this season and was injured for most of the preseason which could be a telling sign of why his play has been so poor. He just isn’t getting that same quick step that he had in the past and is being beat around the end by the usually more talented defensive ends playing on Brady’s blindside. Perhaps he would have more success on the right side, but that just isn’t where he is comfortable. He currently battles the opponents top rusher. I’m not making excuses for him because hell, that’s been his job for his entire career, but you do need to keep that in mind.

Perhaps his injury is still nagging him. Although Jeff Howe reported in late August that Solder’s injury wasn’t serious. Ehhhhh it still might be showing signs of life.

Regardless, Brady will be OKAY. Yuh hear me? We just need to hope that the offensive line can regain it’s footing that it had last season, and become top tier and protect the 40 year old with the golden arm. Because MY GOD I can’t see that man go down.

Although there is one thing that I always remind myself. There is no O-Line that Dante Scarnecchia can’t fix.


Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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