Tom Brady May Not Be At OTAs, But He’s Slinging Rockets In Monaco

Everyone in New England has formed some kind of opinion about Tommy Boy Brady for not showing up to OTAs. At the moment he’s the only starting quarterback who has not shown up to this phase of the OTAs which is wild considering that since he’s stepped into the league, he’s continuously preached about how preparation is essentially the key to success and at one point even singled out OTAs saying that it is the foundation of your season.

So Brady dipped out on OTAs to go hit Monaco. Legit couldn’t point out Monaco on a map and half believe that the place doesn’t even exist. A Google search would suffice but I’m not wasting time opening up a new tab to do that.

But guys, Brady just made us all look like a bunch of dummies. We’re over here worrying about his preparation ahead of the season, working with the rookies and forming some chemistry with his new targets, but this guy is just taking part of OTAs in Monaco! Morons. We all question this maniac and panic that the Patriots dynasty might be coming to an end but quite frankly, it may just be beginning. He needs a new challenge so he’s going to sling some passes to F1 racers instead of professional football players.

Tom Brady, you dirty dog.

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