Tom Brady is Putting Sportscasters into Body Bags This Offseason


I love Tom Brady casually throwing 61 MPH darts on a Thursday morning in June. But what makes that even better is when he takes shots at jack asses like Max Kellerman in the process. We all know Kellerman by now, Stephen A. Smith’s sidekick on ESPN’s First Take. If you recall, he had some choice words to say regarding Brady about three years ago on his show:

Tom Brady would be a bum in short order, according to Kellerman in 2016. Kellerman’s claim to fame apparently is calling when Jeter and Kobe would fall off at the end of their careers. Which is cool, I guess? Anyways, in that “short order,” Brady has been to three Super Bowls, won two of them, & been a league AND Super Bowl MVP. If that’s what Kellerman considers bumish, then I’m all for Brady being a bum. He’s the biggest bum in the history of professional sports.

But seriously, Brady is coming for number seven. He isn’t anywhere near the edge of that cliff, and I can’t wait to hear the ridiculous takes that are going to spew out of this guys mouth during the ride this season.

-Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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