Tom Brady Cuts Off His Interview With WEEI’s Kirk & Callahan Amid Station Personality Alex Reimer’s Comments About His Daughter

What a wild, wild day in the Boston sports media. Here I was thinking that this lead up to the Super Bowl would be dull and unentertaining. The Patriots are in their third Super Bowl in four years against the Eagles and their bum of a quarterback, Nick Foles. WEEEEEEE.

And I’ll start by saying this; man is the NFL missing out by not having Carson Wentz in the picture. Wentz would have been a pivotal factor in probably not only hype for the actual game, but for the story too.

One thing that Wentz put on display this year was that this kid’s got the talent and the brain to actually display competence in the NFL. In a league that is so desperate for quality quarterbacking, it appeared as though they had their answer in the the red-headed boy wonder. The guy was a gem and put on a show this season each and every game. Now that he tore his ACL with mere weeks left in the season, the remainder of the year for Philadelphia seemed bleak. That was until they managed to barely squeak by the Falcons in the Divisional Round and drink the blood of the Vikings in the Championship Round. They’ve drunkinly came-too in the Super Bowl and now have to play the defending world champion Patriots and Tom Brady. Imagine coming-too in that scenario? Hung over and confused? Woof.

It would have been the young up-and-comer who looks like he could be the next elite NFL star, against the GOAT. Sell t-shirts. Tweet about it. It would have been a content GOLD MINE.

And now we’re stuck with, as some would call him, “Big Dick Nick” against the GOAT. Doesn’t really have the same ring to it and who knows what Nick is packing down there. I don’t want to live a lie in calling him that, okay? This is a website with facts only, not assumptions.

So what I’m trying to say is that I thought there wouldn’t be much excitement or controversy going into the game. Last year we were able to shove Goodell’s dumb nose all over the field. In the 2014 game the Patriots were toe to toe with a team on the verge of making a run toward becoming a dynasty. And now this year? Well there’s nothing… in regards to the game itself.

*Cue orchestra music entering in a tense scene in a movie*

Last Thursday Brady released a documentary series along with Facebook Watch titled, “Tom vs Time”. Like most people in New England, I was jacked up about it. In that first episode there is a scene where Brady is on the phone and his daughter is on the stairs peppering Brady about her soccer game and you could tell she was wicked excited for it as any five-year old would be. Something that’s been cool about the documentary so far is that we get to not only see Tom Brady the methodical, preparation driven freak – and I say that in the most complimentary way possible – but also, Tom Brady the dad. Brady smiles and laughs and makes every mother in the United States wish they could have more children when he starts answering her and telling her he’ll be there to watch her. Hell, I wish I could have children. I’d father one with that man.

While it was adorable, and frankly normal for a five-year old to act that way, not everyone saw it as cute. Here’s what Alex Reimer had to say Thursday night on WEEI’s Mut at Night about that scene.

“Alright I thought the scene was so staged where Brady’s, like, in the kitchen. His kid’s being an annoying little pissant”. This the line that literally the nation is talking about today. This is actually the first scene that Reimer had a comment about. Out of every single scene, this is what grabbed the attention of this 24 year old kid who’s already been suspended from the Kirk & Callahan show once by Kirk Minihane himself for a whole separate issue.

In response to these comments, Brady today on his weekly appearance with Kirk & Callahan, decided to cut his interview with Kirk, Mut and Tomase off a little early when the topic was brought up.

He also said, “I’ve tried to come on this show for many years and show you guys a lot of respect. I’ve always tried to come on and do a good job for you guys. It’s very disappointing to hear that, certainly. My daughter, or any child, they certainly don’t deserve that.”

He then said that he will be reevaluating whether or not he wants to come back on the show.

Reimer was suspended from the station indefinitely on Friday.

This is what we needed this week. Nothing gets me going like some good ol’ radio drama. I love hearing it, I love talking about it and I would love to be apart of it someday. I love listening to sports radio every single day and everything about it just enthralls me.

Now, in regards to Reimer, I am shocked that we haven’t heard an apology as far as I know. Reimer hasn’t tweeted since January 26th and has been silent since his last appearance on the station on Friday filling in for OMF.

Does he deserve the suspension? Oh my Lord absolutely he does. Here’s the thing that I’ve noticed from people calling in to EEI today and from what I’ve read over Twitter, people don’t understand the severity of what he did. I get it, the station, specifically the morning show, has gotten down and dirty and mixed it up in the world of controversy. They’ve said some things that have gotten the entire nation – much like this story – shaken up. For the most part though they aren’t things that require a reaction such as this.

See, the reason that this comment in particular requires a suspension is because it has created the very real possibility that their biggest guest on the station may never again appear on 93.7FM.

Radio is all about two things: Your ratings, and your crucial assets reaction to what is said. In most cases your crucial asset that I am referring to is your advertisers. Quite frankly if you rattle an advertisers cage to a certain extent and they want to pull their business with you, than a punishment as severe as a firing could take place. In this case though, it’s obviously Tom Brady.


Having Tom Brady appear every week is a clout that their competitor, The Sports Hub, would kill to have. If Tom pulls his name off of EEI’s morning show than that could be a major hit that the station doesn’t want to take. It’s the kind of situation where if Tom says, “I’ll come back on if that kid Alex Reimer is fired”, than Reimer better start filling out job applications fast because he’ll be pushed out quicker than you could imagine.

I’d have to imagine that Brady is only under contract for the season in regards to his weekly appearances with K&C and he just re-ups them every season. Because of that, after next Monday, my guess is that he isn’t even legally binded to appear on the show going forward. And do you think he couldn’t afford the fine if he were to not appear? Please. However I doubt WEEI would even take action if he were to not appear because as a whole, all of the show personalities seem to understand.

From 6AM until 6PM today this topic dominated the airwaves; and rightfully so.

Personally I don’t think we will ever hear Alex Reimer on Kirk & Callahan, or WEEI as a matter of fact, ever again. He has multiple factors playing foe against him in this situation. One is that he isn’t a pivotal player on their station for any show really. He was a shiny new chew toy that the morning guys could screw around with that had some talent, but that was it. I didn’t hate him. I actually thought he was okay contrary to what most of Twitter thought. There were mornings in the beginning where I would have to shut it off because I couldn’t listen to him, but he became bearable toward the end mostly due to the fact that I’m such a big Kirk Minihane guy.

Something that people need to stop doing though is mentioning how young he is. That was a common theme with what I was seeing and hearing today. “Oh he’s so young. He doesn’t know any better! He’s just trying to make a name for himself”. The kid is 24 years old. You know what you learn if you’re parents raised you right? You never, ever disrespect someone else’s children, or wife. Especially if you’re not close with that person.

I’m 23 years old, basically the same age as Reimer, and I would have never approached going after Brady’s kid especially knowing that he is a weekly guest on the station’s premiere show. Am I crazy to think that that should be common sense?

This is the last thing that I’ll say on the topic. It’s been clear since early on in his infantile radio career that Reimer tries to model himself after Kirk Minihane which is fine, I guess. What Reimer did though was make a phony hissy fit over something that I honestly believe he doesn’t care about. He saw Brady’s kid and thought that if he made a comment about her whining, it would make him look like a bad boy of radio. Not a great look for the kid and man did he mess up. It’s one thing to get suspended for saying the wrong thing. It’s another when you go after Tom Brady’s kids; a guy who revered as a God in this region.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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