To the Other 31 NFL Teams, Learn From the Patriots

After the Patriots dismantled the Titans on Saturday, they advanced to their 7th straight AFC Championship Game. They will play in their 14th AFC title game overall. Just think about that for a second. 7th straight appearance and 14th overall. Those numbers really hit me hard after we won and then Sunday happened. As you know the Steelers were talking so much talk before their game against the Jaguars and they ultimately just got punched in the mouth. Then the Jaguars went home to a fan gathering where Jalen Ramsey told their fans to “pack their bags because they are going to the Super Bowl and they are going to win that bitch.” When I saw that I thought to myself, why doesn’t every team in the NFL just copy the Pats?

I really think that some teams enjoy losing and are just invisible to the Patriots style of success. Look at the Cincinnati Bengals for example. Marvin Lewis has been the head coach since 2003. He has an overall record of 125-112 and a postseason record of 7-7 never advancing farther then the wildcard round. The Bengals last advanced from the wildcard round in 1990. I have one simple question. Are the Cincinnati Bengals on crack or do they like losing? I think they like losing. I really don’t understand it. The game that really speaks to me is the wild card game the Bengals played in 2015 against the Landry Jones led Steelers. When they were winning the game and then Vontaze Burfict murdered Antonio Brown and Pacman Jones got flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct and the whole team was undisciplined. I really thought the Bengals would get rid of Marvin Lewis after that one. He could not control his players in that game. Fast forward to now and the Bengals had back to back losing seasons and what do they do? They give Marvin Lewis a contract extension. The Cincinnati Bengals like to lose.

Now about the Steelers talking crap. Players always talk crap but this is different because just like the Bengals, I think the Steelers organization likes to lose. Now Mike Tomlin did win the Super Bowl in 2008 and made it back there in 2010 but since then Mike Tomlin has not been successful. In my eyes I think his record since then combined with the past 2 meltdowns in the playoffs, I would get rid of him. I mean look what happened this past week and last year with Antonio Brown and the Facebook live fiasco. He doesn’t have control of his players. Which brings me to my closing argument.


As much as the other 31 teams in the NFL may hate the Patriots they need to learn from them. Bill Belichick has installed a culture here in New England that works. That culture is a direct link the the Patriots success over the past 18years. Belichick insists on the beliefs of doing your job, ignoring the noise, managing your expectations, and not believing in or fueling the hype. The only other football program that I can of think of that some what resembles the Patriots is Alabama and Nick Saban. I just don’t get why every team does this. I understand that some teams want their own kind of swag and all but when it comes down to it don’t you want to win a Super Bowl? I’m not talking from a analytical coaching scheming stand point. I’m just flat out talking about the way teams carry themselves. No other team does it better then the Pats so honestly to the rest of the NFL teams, take some notes and maybe you will actually beat the Pats for once.

Written By: Nick Katinas (@nkatinas22)

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